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The AGE-1 Normal is one of the best Master Grades I’ve ever built so I picked up the MG AGE-1 Titus with high hopes.

You can see how the box for the Titus is a little deeper than that of the Normal.

The box art is pretty cool and apparently the kit should be able to replicate the pose found on the box/manual.

I really like this shot.

Box contents:

The Titus shares an entire frame runner with the AGE-1 Normal for obvious reasons.

However, because of that huge armor found on the arms, shoulders, and legs there are two new frame runners to work with.

And the previously mentioned enormous armor parts.

And check out the hands!

Bandai gives you an entire runner of effect parts.


Here’s a shot comparing the first pages of the Normal and Titus.

You can see they are the same.

Well, that’s because the torso is the same.

And the head as well.

I included this picture because I did much better with the small stickers this time around

Titus looks to be much of the same fun found with the AGE-1. Can’t wait to find out if that’s the case.

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  1. Ben says:

    Unless your final score and impression are overwhelmingly positive(and above that of normal) about this kit, I think it’ll be a pass for me. I just received my MG age-1 and I’ve decided that its so far the MG engineering representation of 2012. I love the boxart and poses but the HG pulls it off nicely (except for the extra manipulators – its a punching kind of gundam anyway) and there doesn’t seem to be as much more detail to arms and legs. Once you collect those two you’ll be quite tempted to get the last of the three which I don’t want to but know I won’t resist if I get this one.The HG is a fiddle dream kind of kit. Any hints whether those parts could be used on a potential MG Adele?

  2. Ryan says:

    Not a fan

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