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Like all Gunplars I have a backlog. I thought I was doing pretty good at building kits promptly but there are a couple kits that have been hanging around, like this guy; the MG MS-06K Zaku Cannon. I can’t even remember when I first picked it up but looking back through my own site I see it listed in the very first Work Table post back in September 2010! Yikes.

I first became interested in this Master Grade when I saw it on the Shimakou’s Lightning Impact blog. You can see his gallery here. Amazing, isn’t it. Well, I wanted (and still do want) to try and do something similar, as much as my skills will allow, and fortunately for me I can use his blog as a reference for the modifications he has done.

I wouldn’t have yet started this kit if it hadn’t been for the weather this last week. I am currently painting the Banshee and had half the parts coated with their first coat but the weather the last few days has not allowed me to get back out there and spray the next coats. While debating what to do I remembered this kit and here I am.

A good indication of how long this kit has been in the pile can be seen by looking at the box.

Okay, maybe from a different angle.

There has been a lot of other kits piled on top for quite some time and the box shows the results.

And when I opened the box…

I remembered that I had taken a lot of the runners out of the plastic bags when I was trying to find runners with the right letters to allow me to spell the word GAIJIN that you see at the top of this site.

Even the manual shows some wear.

And when I opened the manual I found the water-slide decals that I purchased in Akihabara the day I first met ASM.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that, well, this kit is old.

But let’s talk about the build. I am feeling a sense of nostalgia when looking at the Zaku cannon as it is pretty much the same kit as the MG Shin Matsunaga which I built so long ago. Feels like forever.

Here is the poly-cap runner.

You can see the extra poly-caps on the side of the runner that were added to be put to use with the armor collars.

And you can see these squarish poly-caps.

They actually slide into the first part of the frame.

The next step is assembling the arm joints.

I forgot how stiff these guys were. It takes a bit of effort to get everything in place, though I’m sure it will loosen up in time.

Then the pilot is put in his seat.

And with a lever attached to the frame.

This was actually a pretty cool gimmick at the time. The lever/switch is accessible from the back of the Zaku by taking off the backpack. By pushing the lever in one direction the pilot’s seat moves to one side or the other in the cockpit.

On the previous Zaku II 2.0 kits you could lift up both hatches on the front of the torso and see the pilot but the Cannon is designed differently and doesn’t allow that.

Here’s the frame for the lower portion of the torso.

I remember this.

This little contraption clicks into place on the upper torso and allows the Zaku to bend forwards somewhat.

Then some armor. This kit has an armor color all its own. Can you think of another kit in this color?

Then the Cannon’s unique armor parts start coming into play.

The side armor parts feature a small frame part that kind of sits in there and a red vent that slides in from the front.

Then come the armor collars/hoses/thingies. Well, as this is a test build, I’m not going to worry about them at this time.

Now for the head. It starts the same way as the other Zaku 2.0s (and the Gouf 2.0)

These part combine to make this little device.

You can see the cogs on the little protruding shaft. These actually make the mono eye move when the head is turned. But first, I need the mono eye. Enter the stickers.

These are the older Bandai stickers and they suck (which is why I bought the waterslides so long ago). However, for the purpose of the test build that mono-eye sticker will be fine for now.

When turning the head…

Then some of the Zaku Cannon unique head parts.

And check this out!

That’s right! Undergating! Or as they say in Japan, “Andaageeto”

After you build the majority of the head…

You are given the choice of what type of headwear to give your Zaku Cannon.

Do I go with the single antennae or the rabbit ears?

I’ll decide later.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    And here we thought the Crossbone was forgotten

  2. Shaid says:

    “..find runners with the right letters to allow me to spell the word GAIJIN that you see at the top of this site.”

    *looks at page banner*

    Mind. Blown. Can’t believe I never noticed that before.

  3. Hmmm…. Antenna looks better? I think…

  4. Busterbeam says:

    lol this was a LONG time coming. glad you’re getting it out of the way finally. great to see this thing being built

  5. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for you to pull the guy out for some time. You’ve left me hanging on whether or not to pick it up myself, because I’ve yet to see an english review of it.

  6. Dennis says:

    I have wanted this kit for na LONG time. Think it;s about time I pick it up.

  7. ghostdeini says:

    I’ve wanted this kit for so long, and finally ordered one a few days ago — with the waterslides too! Check out the Ian Greydon custom that was posted on gunjap a few days ago:

    I look forward to seeing what direction you’ll be heading in for this build!

  8. Tristan says:

    LOL…Ive just finished building and priming the 1/100 MSV version of this along with kitbashing (and undercoating) the MSV 1/144 version with a tank base to create a Zaku (canon) tank! Just waiting some time and good weather to finish off the 1/144 and start the 1/100!!

    Keen to watch how you do this one!!

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