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[Some may remember Enamel Hands from his first submission to the Reader Submission section of Gaijin Gunpla, his amazing Gouf 2.0! Well, he’s back and better than ever. Check out his work in the MG Destiny Gundam!]

Destiny Gundam. The Giant Butterfly. Pretty much the same thing right?

I got this kit from my awesome gf’s, awesome parents (yeah I know, I’m lucky, etc :)). This kit offered a bunch of new and exciting building: Huge weapons, a really cool torso gimmick that really helps with posing, an already silver inner frame (no need to paint!), and WINGS! The wings alone added a significant amount of time to the build. Not so much in putting them together; but sanding and cleaning up these delicate curved surfaces proved to be a bit of a time sink, but the articulation and the final look is totally worth it. There’s also an great leg gimmick, where the armor sort of slides over the inner frame when you bend at the knee, exposing internals and whatnot. The shoulder’pads’ also have great articulation (even down to the beam saber handles that stick into them). The giant weapon holsters on the backpack can also move every which way. Just a great design, with tons of poseablilty. Thank goodness it comes with a stand though, because this thing only stands on its feet in one way: straight up. This aint no RX78-2.

Anyway, onto the paint job. I used testors (i can hear you groaning…) enamel paints. I’ve tried acrylics recently on a few builds, and I have to say, I just love using enamels for hand painting. They go on super smooth, and settle quite well if you thin it a bit. I used steel for the main body, metallic blue and red for the accents. and a blend of silver and red for the inner flaps on the wings. Some trim on the torso used to be purple, but i changed it to gold. I think it looks a bit more majestic. I think I ended up with 3-4 hand painted coats of paint. Thin layers, with as little buildup on the corners of the piece as possible. I also try to paint in the same direction on a piece. Enamel dries slowly, but very smoothly if you don’t over-paint the piece and get streaks.

[Editor’s Note: This shot is amazing!]

Then I tried a spray on gloss coat (Blairs). Sadly, some of it orange peeled, and kind of turned me off of spray painting gloss coats. I ended up having to sand down the coat a bit to get rid of it on a few parts. Then I went over again with another spray paint gloss coat. It still wasn’t shiny enough though! I wanted it ‘new car’ shiny. So I started checking out some model car videos, and found a few on polishing. These guys use actual car wax on their kits, and it makes a huge difference. While I pondered polish, I hand brushed on 3-4 layers of Future on top of the already gloss coat, laid down decals and sealed them with Future again. It started really shining. and it made the paint job look super smooth.

When it came time to polish, I went out and got some liquid car wax (Turtle). I was, luckily, smart enough to try it out on the shield first. I applied it, let it dry, and got to rubbin! A few seconds later I realized that I was rubbing paint off of pretty much every corner on the shield. I cried…
So I ended up diluting it ALOT in water, applying it with a cotton swab to the piece, and immediately started rubbing it off, but not with too much pressure. The pieces started glistening. yes. YES!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I used this really cool opaque white paint pen that I got for the panel lines on the blue and red parts. White panel lines are awesome.

Anyway, thanks to Syd for letting me write about my kit, being a cool guy to a perfect stranger and for making awesome Gunpla TV episodes. Hope you guys enjoy the pics. There are more on Flickr ( Happy building.


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  1. fury-s12 says:

    love this kit, its very high on my want list, ive never thought about white panel lines before but after seeing this, im in, looks great, as does a glossy finish for a bit of a change up, matched the wings

  2. Mark says:

    Very shiny indeed

  3. ClayCannonII says:


  4. Ryan says:

    Nice paint job! Ive got the same kit, i bloody love it! 😀

  5. Dennis says:

    I’ve wanted this kit for a LONG TIME…. I have no excuses now not to get this after seeing how awesome his looks.

  6. Nacho-wan says:

    Dude, the wings are AWESOME. Maybe you could elaborate a little on that?

  7. enamelhands says:

    hey nacho-wan, what do you wanna know about the wings?

  8. Brian says:

    Sir, you destroy the notion that airbrushing is the only way to make a kit look good. I handbrush my kits! Granted it’s not as good as yours, but ONE DAY, I’ll get there!

  9. peter says:

    Hi Sir!

    Can you possibly provide in your site a hi res copy of the construction manual of the real grade freedom and destiny?
    particularly the illustration of the front and side view of the two Gundams. Thanks a lot in advance!



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