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My last post on the MG Crossbone X1 was back on October 26, 2011. That is just over 5 months ago! What the hell happened? I didn’t realize I had forgotten it until I wrote the April 1, 2012 edition of the Work Table after a seven month long hiatus. The kit has been built for those months, laying in its box with its expended runners, forgotten and ignored. Well, Mr. Crossbone, if I can’t get myself to start painting you I at least owe it to you to get your WIP written!

The Crossbone and F91 share a leg design so if you have experience with the F91 you will feel right at home at Crossbone’s house.

Do any other MGs besides the F91s and Crossbones feature this frame?

You start by assembling the knee joint.

Then lay it inside the lower leg frame parts.

The hip joints are nothing worth writing home about. As my mom isn’t interested in Gunpla, even if the hip joints were amazing it wouldn’t be worth writing home about because she would never appreciate them.

The frame for the thigh is strange if you ask me.

You slide the outside frame part over top of the small U-shaped portion.

It has been more than 5 months and my memory is a little shady, but I seem to recall breaking a part in this area. I had to wait for Bandai to send the replacement. That might be why the entry never was written right away and, in the end, forgotten. It’s my fault! For breaking the part and forgetting to write about it. Crossbone, you deserve better.

Start slapping on the armor.

The feet are easy enough and the ankle armor has that unique look with those fins sticking out the back.

Then the side skirt armor gets its turn.

Hurray for the Crossbone X1!

Now for the coolest part of the kit. So cool that I remember it; the Core Fighter.


In this shot it looks very similar to the Core Fighters found in the RX-78s, but the similarities end here.

What are these things?

And these? (x 4)

The thruster at the end of each one moves.

Quite cool when you think about how these will be propelling the suit when the Core Fighter is docked inside.

In this shot it reminds me somehow of a squid.

But then you open it up and transform it to fit in the suit and it’s all good, baby.


I’ll do another post soon showing the weapons and then we will see what the future has in store for this slight-statured MG.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Hi Syd, got this kit myself. I quite enjoyed it, its a pretty bizzare looking Gundam. And no i havent seen any other MG design with such a unusual thigh design. My only issue with the machine is the rockets on the core flyer are very loose and dont retain pose.

    The one alteration i made to the design was to make the cloth shroud a cape instead.

    • syd says:

      Making the shroud a cape sounds like a good idea. As a shroud it’s kind of cumbersome.

      • Ryan says:

        Im pretty happy with it. The idea originally came to me with my HG Sandrock Custom, which has a very similar shroud. So i removed the front portion to make a shroud for my HG Exia Repair, this was before i got the Special Edition MG Exia and i stole the plastic shroud to use there instead. I kept the cloth one tho, as it looked okay.

        I always found it odd that the Manual asks you to add the ragged effect to the cloth yourself, rather than have it done for you. Oh and for fitting the Cape i punched two holes in either corner of the cloth and fit it on the neck, using the head to keep it on. Surprisngly it doesnt affect the head in any way.

        Regarding the weapons of the kit, they are great looking but the pistol is awkward to hold and even more so awkward to pose. Its better in rifle mode, but not perfect.

  2. Arbet says:

    Been lurking on this site and never got to comment, but seeing that thigh again, I can’t stop myself from agreeing that that part was really… problematic, to say the least. I had to use baby oil just to let that d*mned frame slide in!

    I was looking at this kit earlier at the local retailer here in the Philippines. I did not buy it. I guess I know now why. But the core fighter squid looks nice.

    Does this come with a cape?

    • syd says:

      Baby oil? Did it work? yes, it comes with a cape. I’ll show more of that in the next post.

      • Arbet says:

        Yes, it worked. I think I almost damaged the plastic the first time, tried even using pliers (with plastic thingie on the teeth of the pliers, mind you), before I thought of using baby oil. Swabbed both parts, and it worked.

        Yay for cape. Now maybe I should have bought it.

  3. is your core fighter stuck inside? mine seems to be that way and i don’t want to violently rip it out without knowing how its locking mechanism works…

    the gundam’s cockpit won’t close all the way either, but that seems to be caused by the full cloth

  4. Napalm_God says:

    Hi Syd, I’ve always tried to figure out the differences between the ver. Ka and the full cloth, but I can’t seem to go beyond the obvious.
    Do you have any more specific info about this?
    which of the two would you suggest for a purchase, and why? (please don’t tell me to get both, since I’m already considering the option… 😉 )

    Best regards from Italy… and keep up the good work!!!!

    • syd says:

      I don’t think there are any differences besides all the extra weapons/cape you get with the Full Cloth. Here’s a link to a look at the Crossbone Ver. ka.

      And here’s the Full Cloth.

      At a quick glance the suit itself looks the same.

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Napalm, As Syd says theres no difference in the gundam itself, but weapons.

      I own the Ver Ka and if i was to pick again id definetly pick the Full cloth, the armor shroud is great looking compared to the litteral cloth shroud you get with the Ver Ka. And that crossbow like rifle he has is far better than all the Ver Ka’s weapons combined. My opinion tho. Its a cool wee gundam regardless 🙂

    • Adrian says:

      As far as I know the Full Cloth version has few additional pieces (some parts for an alternative head, skull piece for the chest). If I’m not mistaken you still have the parts to make the ver. Ka even if you get the Full Cloth version.

      • Ryan says:

        Looking at the Full Cloth’s tray’s it seems you do indeed get the pieces to make the Ver Ka’s weaponry.

      • Ryan says:

        Confirmed. Definetly get the full cloth, you can change it to Ver Ka if you want

    • Jeff says:

      There’s also the badass shoulder skull/boxing gloves and a few more skulls all around

  5. Napalm_God says:

    Thanks to all for your info. Guess the only obvious choice is to get the Full Cloth, then… 😉

  6. ray jasper says:

    Hey Syd! I recently got the Full Cloth version of this kit and I broke the knee joint. where/how did you order the replacement part for it? I tried gluing it back to place with tamiya plastic cement but since its a moving part I dont know if it would hold or even move at all cause I’m still on the process of letting the glue settled.. but if it fails I want to have a replacement so I can still have the awesome articulation it has.. thanks in advance and I do hope you would be able to read this

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