Gaijin Gunpla

Normally I sit at my kitchen table and build my Gundam with my laptop and the internet keeping me company. However, my wife brought a movie to my attention that she said I needed to check out. Sitting down and doing nothing with my hands for two hours, is that even possible? Probably not, so I pulled out a TV table and decided I would assemble the Zaku Cannon while I watched the movie.

The movie is called Toilet and the reason my wife wanted me to see it is because, as she said, “It’s got gundams.”

The description on the trailers reads,
Ray is a 30 something engineer obsessed with Gundam toys. He has a motto not to become close to anyone. During his mother’s funeral he showed no emotions. His life is further turned upside when he is forced to live with his older brother Maury and younger sister Lisa. Older brother Maury was a pianist but is now a recluse. Younger sister Lisa is a college student who tends to look down on those around her. Also in there home is their Japanese grandmother who doesn’t speak English at all.

Gundam toys, you say? In truth, there aren’t any Gundam at all in the movie from what I could tell. I imagine they couldn’t get, or wouldn’t pay for, licensing with Bandai so they included some robots that look like they were created just for the film.

It’s a pretty good film actually and if you’re familiar even a little bit with certain parts of Japanese culture you’ll find it amusing. There’s a reason it’s called Toilet.

Now back to your regular scheduled Gunpla post…

As the movie opens I am sitting cross-legged on the floor with runners scattered about me. I find the poly-cap runner and the specific frame runner I need and start snipping. The shoulder joint for the Zaku 2.0 involves sliding a poly-cap into a hollow frame part as a first step.

I should point out that because I’m on the floor watching a movie the light sources in the room are now in a different position related to my workspace. This means the pictures will look quite different than what I normally show.

Encase that shoulder joint with frame parts and include an extra part with a ball joint for use later in the build.

Now for the upper arm frame.

Insert tiny poly-cap into tiny hole and become frustrated when it doesn’t fit properly

Here’s the frame of the upper part of the lower arm.

You can see the piece that will move when the joint is bent.

Put what you have built so far together.

Then the large square armor piece for the shoulder is put on as well as the armor that is used to attach to those elbow joint armor pieces.

A rather narrow part is also slid in the shoulder joint. This probably won’t be visible when the kit is built but it does help secure the large square piece in place.

And a poly cap is attached.

Then it’s time for the hand. Ya, Zaku II 2.0 hands! How I’ve missed you.

(Although I didn’t miss the difficulty in assembling these. I actually lost one of the finger parts and had to push the table away from me, and remove the cat from my lap so I could find it in my clothing.)

Then some rather bulky armor parts are put on.

Now for that cool Zaku Cannon shield.

I really like this shield. I think it works great on a Zaku suit.

I didn’t push the pieces together entirely as I want to be able to take this apart once the build/review is finished.

Now for this Zaku II 2.0 exclusive joint.

This attaches to the ball that is part of the shoulder joint and to the underside of the shield allowing it quite a bit of mobility.

Then repeat the process.

And repeat the process for that unique joint.

Then that very identifiable Zaku shoulder armor.

The Zaku Cannon actually uses a different frame part than the normal Zaku IIs. You can see it on the left it’s the one with the bottom part missing.

And with the movie half done so is my Zaku Cannon.

At this point I had to stop watching the toilet for a toilet break. (hmmm..)

In the next post I’ll show the second half of the suit I built while watching the second half of the movie.

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    lol how on earth do you build a kit whilst watching a movie with a cat sitting on you, multitasking level: octopus right there

  2. hiroy_raind says:

    Hahaha I totally understand how hard it is to really just sit and listens. I myself almost always build model kits while watching Pro Wrestling hahaha.

  3. lol, I cant do so multitask. always put a background music and do the gunpla. =D

  4. Mathai says:

    I can never watch a movie while building Gunpla. I just play some standup comedy tracks in the background and laugh while I’m cutting and chipping away.

  5. somehow, this zaku looks like Kirk’s Zaku sniper. =D

  6. i always only build gunpla while watching anime – hence the lack of pregess
    it takes me 2 hours to sand down all the nubs on one piece…

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