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My first encounter with the Deactive Mode colors was with the RG Strike but I didn’t pick up the kit because I had previously built the RG Aile Strike and the Gunpla Expo Limited Edition Strike Rouge. Then I saw a facebook post by ASM and felt a pang of regret for not trying to acquire the kit. But that got put out of my mind until last weekend when I was at the Shizuoka Hobby Show and saw both the Deactive Strike and Deactive Freedom in a diorama with the upcoming RG Justice Gundam.

I suddenly wanted the RG Freedom but my window of opportunity for ordering that from Bandai had long passed. So I went to the site I am checking more and more these days, and they had it! Huzzah!

I think the Deactive Freedom is better looking than the Deactive Strike.

It arrived this morning so I grabbed some shots of the box contents.

The box’s Deactive color isn’t as cool looking as the kit in the Deactive colors but it definitely says Limited Edition. Even the side of the box is different than the regular Freedom.

Here’s the abundance of markings stickers.

And those subdued Deactive colors.

I’m involved with a couple MGs at the moment so I’m not going to be starting on this kit right away, but when I do finish it I’ll post the shots here. Gentei Go!

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  1. ClayCannonII says:


  2. Skyshadow says:

    I’ve seen enough gentei to know where this is going…

  3. oh~ Why Syd, Why? I thought I can skip this Gentei kits after buying RG Strike’s deactive. But this post made me just bought it from right away!

    Just couldn’t resist this temptation…

  4. GunplaFan says:

    I love this kit. But will someone tell me when they will release a Gold Plated 1/144 God Gundam?
    They announced a long time ago, but I cant find it anywhere.

  5. Viskous says:

    Other than the color changes, is there any differences between the normal Freedom release?

  6. TimmyJ says:

    Mine came in the mail yesterday. I can’t wait to start building it, but the 2 different torsos of two other kits are screaming for me to finish them.

  7. SavviMaple says:

    I got myself the Strike Deactive Mode kit instead because I love the GAT-X series.

    I really like the colours of these deactive versions.

    Finished building it and top finished. Will take some photos later when the weather is nice. Not so good in England at the moment. Will post it on later.

    Also, I just finished with the MG Duel Gundam too! 😀

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