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The previous Titan’s post showed how Bandai designed the MkII build so the frame is fully assembled first. The second step is to put the armor on and that’s what is happening in this entry.

Starting from the ground up the armor for the heel is first moved into place from below.

Followed by the armor for the front of the foot.

Next is the armor for the the shin and knee as well as the piece that goes on the back of the lower leg. Putting this last piece on made me a bit of a sad camper because it covers up the mesh that is on the back of the lower legs.

Ankle armor x 2

Then the inside of the leg is worked on. First up is the little yellow piece and then the two different blue colored armor pieces.

When building this RG the armor is applied onto a full frame so you’ll need to maneuver some limbs out of the way to get at what you’re working on.

Then you are confronted with the first of a few choices you will have to make.

The assembly on the left is for the ‘Test Machine’ while that on the right is for the regular Titans. I like the look of the right one better.

To put the front upper thigh armor on you need to bend the leg to its fullest to expose the connecting area. You can see the little extended tab on the armor piece I put in this shot.

Lining it up properly push the armor into place.

Then move the leg back to its regular position.

The sexiest RG leg in existence?

Repeat for the other side.

Moving upwards you next assemble the skirt.

The frame part is pushed into position from below then secured in place by the front armor piece.

Then the small blue vent parts are attached.

And the front center block.

The rear skirt is much the same except that it is one piece.

I found it easier to push one side into place and then position the opposite side rather than trying to get both in place at the same time.

Side skirts are the same on each side.

The rear center block is this little assembly that will open to allow you to attach unused weapons.

Bottom half complete.

Two armor parts are put in place by sliding in from the sides on the lower part of the torso.

Then the front and rear armor pieces plus the yellow collar. I was a little concerned here because of the metal rod fix I had to do on the frame. If the rod wasn’t cut flat it would hinder the rear armor from going into its proper place. Fortunately for me, it worked fine.

Now another choice!

Do I go with the chest vents from the Test Machine…

…or with those of the regular Titans?

I went with the regular.

Then front armor and hatch is finished.

Now for a pair of shoulders.

These are identical and you assemble them at the same time. Once you have completed the majority of the assembly you have your final choice (not counting decal time).

You have to decide between the Test Machine’s shoulders (left) and the regular’s (right).

Once that decision is made you have to build one of two vent assemblies.

Regular is on the left while Test Machine is on the right.

Here are some comparison shots.

I went with the regular’s for consistency’s sake but I do like the shoulders of the Test Machine.

The arms are then armored starting at the top. Here I have taken pictures with the armor parts in place next to the pieces used in that part of the build.

Upper arm.

Shoulder joint.

Lower arm.

The hand is here put in place.

Lower arm armor which goes on from the sides featuring a small frame part which will eventually hold the shield.

So far so good.

Still got a head to build though. Here’s the frame and faceplate.

Then rest of the armor.

I love the look of the Titan’s head.

Next up will be the backpack and weapons.

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  1. asian1skill says:

    dang cant wait to build it. just got mine today in the mail haha. but seriously is the aeug mk2 gonna come with the super gundam attachment and flying armor> if so i want it but i cant preorder anymore ahhhhhhh

    • Martin says:

      The G-Defensor and Flying Armor set is sold separately at Bandai’s hobby shop and GGInfinite.

      • syd says:

        Martin’s correct. It isn’t a regular release but instead a Bandai premium shop item. I think has it as well.

      • asian1skill says:

        oh good thought it was with the mk2 aeug colors hahahaha.

  2. fury-s12 says:

    wow that blue is awesome, im in

    now onto the weeks worth of markings haha combined with the banshee markings youve really punished yourself there

  3. anon says:

    I’m impressed! I really like seeing the bare skeleton transform into really bulky limbs. I think this guy would look really cool standing next to the PG version.

  4. Hypnos says:

    It´s beatiful, it´s an MG grade kit on the palm of your hand. Bandai really pushed the level with this kit.

  5. Ryan says:

    In certain area’s such as the front skirt armor, it has more parts than its MG2.0 counterpart. The front skirt on there is a single solid piece. This is looking like a fun little kit. And with all the weaponry and possible addon pack, it really could be a belter of a kit.

    Have fun with those decals now Syd haha

  6. ClayCannonII says:

    So sexy

  7. cipher says:

    that green sticker on the camera

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