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I’m a huge fan of the Real Grade line of kits and also happen to really like the MkII as a suit. It looks much plainer than Gundam suits today but that is part of the appeal, I think. A Gundam from simpler times. Hahahahaha.

Anyways, this being Golden Week I had some extra time and I used it to start on the newest Real Grade the first chance I got.

Here is the mighty RG frame runner that everyone is familiar with now. This frame runner has its differences, though.

Such as this!

Here’s a working piston molded right on the runner. Nice play, Bandai.

The build starts with building the feet. As they are the same you do the procedure twice.

Remove this piece from the runner and then bend it down.

A piece is then slid on from the front to hold the piston in place.

Then it’s time for the fun part. The legs.

Once you remove this from the runner it is ready to go and is, of course, very flexible.

There is no twisting of things and popping things into place. What you do have to concentrate on instead is the tubing.

You need to cut a ten millimeter length off of both the tubing and the wire. Fortunately, Bandai has included a ruler in the manual.

How did I do?

The wire is then inserted into the mesh tubing.

Looking at the manual closely you can see that it inserts into a gap from one side and then is snaked around the other side.

Looks easy enough. Ha! If you don’t do it right from the start each successive attempt will start to fray the tubing. After about 10 minutes I did it.

The view from the back when both are in place.


Once those are in place you attach it to the foot frame and then it’s just a matter of applying some frame parts to each side of the leg as well as a couple smaller pieces at the top.

These two hold the top of the piston in place. You can also see the gold sticker that is applied to each side of the knee frame.

Now more mesh tubing. This time the tubing and wire need to be seventeen millimeters in length.

Once again, nice!

Then repeat the process for the second leg.

Then it’s time for the skirt frame. For that two pieces are used.

You are supposed to turn these very small pieces so they face downwards.

Because I have big, clumsy hands I found it hard to work in this small space because the parts of the frame which will be used to hold the side armor parts on are in the way. I found it much easier to move those pieces out of the way first and then turn the small parts down.

What we have so far.

The arms are next and these are more akin to the previous RGs. You snip them from the runner and then move them so the actuators, etc. are in position.

And just like the legs they are flexible.

Now for my big fail.

Here is one of two frame pieces that go on the torso near the shoulder. You can see that little circular peg. The manual clearly states not to cut that little peg off. I guess I wasn’t paying attention. That little peg is meant to fit in the hole on the back part of the main torso frame.

What do I do? Do I glue it there and remove all articulation? Do I order a spare part from Bandai which would take a while because it’s Golden Week? Do I go to the local Toys R Us and buy a whole new kit? In the end, none of these solutions were deemed satisfactory by me so I decided to fix it myself.

Step 1: Drill a 2 mm hole in the butchered piece.

Step 2: Expand the hole in the torso frame piece to 2mm and insert a 2 mm rod and cut off excess.

Step 3: Profit.

That this actually worked didn’t surprise me. That it worked so well kind of did. The piece is now held in place by the 2 mm metal rod and is actually more stiff than its counterpart and stays in place better. I am considering doing the same to the other side. I filed down the rod from both sides to make sure the rod won’t interfere with the movement of the arms and the placement of the rear armor piece when the time comes.

Because of this fiasco I forgot to take a picture of the red pieces for the cockpit. My apologies.

After placing the arms into the back frame part the front is attached complete with some small, green, transparent parts.

Now the manual has me connect the upper and lower frame sections together.

Wait a minute?

You mean I can have a completed frame to show off? In previous Real Grade kits you added armor to each section as you went, which meant that if you wanted to show off that cool RG frame you would have to remove the armor. Well, this kit is designed to have the entire frame done first, then the armor is applied to the frame as a whole. This should be fun!

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    jealous. my friend tried to bring this from japan for me but the release date was postponed. i was so close!

  2. Kim says:

    No more arm ball joint?
    Thank god!

  3. Luis says:

    Aaaahhh!!! I’m so jelaus, I orderd the white one and the relase date was moved back.

  4. Ryan says:

    Is already fantastic looking 😀

    The MG 2.0 is a work of art, and ive no doubt this one will be too! I was delighted to see they are releasing a G defensir/wing pack for the RG, will be a delightful addition to a damn sexy kit.

    Enjoy Syd and do let us know if you intend to get the add-on.

  5. Mark says:

    Hmmm, the construction process seems so different from the previous RG gunplas

  6. Martin says:

    I can’t wait for my preorder of this RG to arrive, but I ordered with SAL so I know it’s going to be a month before it reaches my doorstep.

    Since this will be my first RG which I expect to be more fragile than HG and MG kits, I’m probably going to want to carefully read the translated manual at Mech9. I suppose that I should thank you for making mistakes so I can learn from them and avoid doing them myself.

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