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Here’s a short and sweet post showing the weapons included with the RG MkII kits as well as how I made the S2 stickers on my MkII Titans.

The rifle is really detailed, of course, but fortunately it is really quite simple.

The handle can pivot and the scope/sensor (what is that exactly) can also flip up or down depending on how you are showing it.

Then you build the ammo magazines for the bazooka and in this kit you get two of them.

Then the bazooka itself.

The sensors on both the rifle and bazooka use a sticker for the green and because the pieces are so small I found it easiest to apply the stickers while the pieces were still on the runner.

The last parts are the barrel and muzzle.

Vulcan pods!

Now for the very cool shield.

Basically you can determine the assembly by looking at this photo. You can see the piece of plastic that runs down the center allowing the bottom portion of the shield to slide up and down.

And the last thing I assembled on this kit wasn’t the weapons but were hands. Those flexible frame hands.

In the first couple of RGs these were the only hands for the kit and while they are awesome in their design and engineering they are also very fragile and if you break a hand/finger you can’t just get a replacement hand from Bandai’s parts department, but instead have to order the whole runner. Obviously this became an issue so Bandai changed and included extra hands starting with the RG MS-06F Zaku II kit.

These hands don’t see much use with the rifle or bazooka but work great to hold the beam sabers.

Now let’s talk about stickers!

When I saw the prototype shots of the MkII Titans I saw the 02 marking and new I had to try to make an S2 out of it. I mean, Bandai was practically begging me to do it and even gave me half already done (the 2). It also matches up with the fun decalwork I did on my Gentei Ecopla MkII.

There are four areas that have the number designation; the shield,

the left shoulder and right knee,

and the back of the skirt.

I had a plan of attack but needed room for error so I opted to start with the biggest decal and then using the method that worked here move on to the smaller one.

The first step was cut out the 02 sticker on the sticker sheet.

Then I cut into the 0 in order to remove excess and convert it to an S.

I included the knife in this shot to show just how small the work was. And this was the biggest sticker!

Then I made use of one of the other stickers that Bandai provided. My plan was to use the 03 to make the S2 using the 02 and if I messed up horribly could fall back and mark my Titans as 01.

Taking my knife to the 03 decal I cut off the top of the 0.

And then cut it in half.

The reason I am using pieces of the 0 is because the corners are rounded and I need all corners of the S to be rounded. However, I could only use one half of the section I just cut because the other half didn’t have the rounded corner on the correct side so that meant I had to cut the bottom of the 0 off of the 03 and cut it in half and use one of those.

My cuts on this large decal were a little off and and they didn’t line up perfectly so the solution was to use an even tinier slice of sticker and fill in the gap.

Because of this the S2 on the shield is probably the sloppiest of the four but it did provide me with a template which I put to use without incident on the remaining stickers. And I feel the result is great!

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  1. fury-s12 says:

    that looks awesome that photo of it complete is one of the best gundam kit photos ive seen in a while

    have you giving any of that a gloss top coat, it looks shiny but in a good way in some places?

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    Well played good sir well played

  3. hiroy_raind says:

    One trick to do with the Advanced MS Joint hand is to have the bazooka held by the right trigger hand while the beam rifle is held by the left Advanced MS Joint hand, like I did here.

  4. Ryan says:

    Mind if i ask why you felt you had to make the S2 markings? I might be missing part of the puzzle, is it a personal gimmick?

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