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I had eagerly anticipated the release date for the RG MkIIs and was somewhat disappointed in the delay of the AEUG Version, however thinking back on it, it was probably for the best. I was able to build the Titans Version completely and then focus my attention on the AUEG when it arrived a couple of weeks later. So how do the kits compare to others in the Real Grade series and how do they compare to each other? Let’s find out.

Overall Look: Titans = 9.5/10 AEUG = 10/10

I must admit that I like the look of the AEUG a little more than the Titans which surprises me because I thought I would lean towards that blue. The proportions on both kits are glorious with plenty of panel lines to show off definition, and if you prefer the look of the Test Suit version of the Titans you can build it that way as well. The AEUG can only be built one way but I’ll talk more about that later. I’ve always loved the look of the MkII and the Real Grade might just be better looking than the MG version of the suit. I do think that some of those fantastic proportions are hard to pick out on the dark blue of the Titans.

Colors: Titans = 9.5/10 AEUG = 10/10

While being very different in color schemes both kits get almost the same high score. I think where the Titans loses its half point is with the yellow. The yellow simply looks better on the AEUG version than it does with the Titans version. One other thing I noticed about the Titans version is the difficulty in differentiating the two tones of blue on the kit. Both tones are fairly dark so the difference in color isn’t easily apparent whereas on the AEUG the gray stands out from the off white. Although, the blue parts of the Titans contrast well with the black found on the skirt but on the AEUG the gray parts are next to the white parts and the difference isn’t readily apparent. I like both!

Weapons: Titans = 10/10 AEUG = 10/10

You get a good amount stuff with each of these kits. Two beam sabers, a shield, a rifle, the vulcan pods which are actually pretty cool. Really what more would you need with these kits? The bazooka can mount onto the rear of the skirt while the rifle can be gripped with both hands and the shield slides into a more compact form. The ammo magazine from the bazooka can mount to the side skirts, and what I am guessing is the cartridge for the rifle is also stored on the inside of the shield. Bandai even gives you extras for both ammo containers.

Articulation: Titans = 10/10 AEUG = 10/10

I am pleasantly surprised at the range of movement in these kits. Granted they are not as elaborate as the Freedom or Aile Strike so there isn’t a large backpack to affect balance or pieces to hinder a joint’s range of motion. These kits are able to be stretched out and still will stand up.

Or they can be made to kneel and the feet are still able to make good contact with the floor making the poses look that much more realistic. Low maintenance is how I would describe these kits. You can play around with them quite a bit and not worry about parts falling or popping off as they would seem to do in previous RGs.

Build Design: Titans = 9/10 AEUG = 9/10

This is going to the hardest section for me to evaluate because I am torn on a couple of design issues that could go either way. So before I get to those let’s talk about the cool aspects of both kits.

First of all, the use of the mesh tubing is awesome.

The section behind the knees can be a little tricky but the result is well worth the effort. The backpack and back of the leg sections or no problem and look fantastic, though you can’t really see those on the back of the leg once the armor piece is put in place. However, as you move the ankle the frame part on the back of the leg slides up and down and exposes a little bit more of the tubing but you have to know what you’re looking for.

The movement of the leg armor is also well done exposing the really cool piston assembly that is molded as one part on the Real Grade runner.

The simple little peg that pivots and holds the beam saber handle to the backpack is also nicely done and works so well.

Perhaps the only negative I have for the engineering comes in the shoulder area where you have two small frame parts (you know, the ones I made my big mistake on).

I find that they are just too loose. They are meant to pivot with the movement of the shoulder however after you move the shoulder there is always a gap between the RG frame and those shoulder parts. You need to use your fingers to push them together and close that gap. This couldn’t have been done another way?

Another thing that is kind of a bother are the thrusters. They attach to a ball and therefore move all over the place as you position the kits.
The inner frame is similar to the previous RGs, however there isn’t any of that ‘remove the part but don’t throw it out because you’ll use it later’ stuff, which is fine with me. Bandai also has you build the entire frame first before putting on the armor.

This is great for when you want to show off the frame as it’s simple to remove the armor after it’s attached unlike other kits. Speaking of the armor, on these MkII kits it is really simple. Almost too simple, perhaps. Previous RGs like the RX-78-2 had a lot of very small armor parts which would fit into or onto other armor parts to show the two toned look but the design of the MkII has none of that. You simply attach armor to the frame. While this made the build less complicated than previous Real Grade kits it also made it much less time consuming. I think I assembled the MkII in half the time it took me to do the Freedom or Strike. In a way, after the deep experience of the last two RG suits, this was kind of a let down. But the result is not.

Fun Factor: Titans = 9/10 AEUG = 8.5/10

What I mentioned in the Build Design section applies here. There’s a lot of enjoyment here including the fun with the mesh tubing and what you can do with it afterwards but, as mentioned, compared to the craziness that was the Freedom, for example, the MkIIs are a little subdued. This shouldn’t be taken as a negative towards these two great kits, though. They’re an awesome build.

Extras: Titans = 9.5 AEUG = 9/10
This part of the review will be longer than in previous reviews and that is simply because of what Bandai did with the Titans version of the kit. First off, let’s look at the extras that both kits share.

Extra hands, a pilot figure, stand attachment, and the aforementioned extra ammo packs. They both come with a huge amount of markings as well.

But this next part is a little contentious. Bandai gives you the extra pieces (and markings) to make the Test version of the Titans suit.

On the one hand this can be considered a plus for the Titans, but when you look at how it was done it seems to be more of a negative for the AEUG.

Bandai didn’t include an extra runner for the Titans, but what they did is just block off that part of the mold when it came time to pour the plastic for the AEUG. In a way, because these kits sell at the same price, it’s a bit of a rip off for those who would choose the AEUG over the Titans. Bandai could have given buyers the extra parts for the AEUG as well just to have and mess around with. I don’t want to give the Titans an extra point because Bandai kind of screwed over the AEUG but it can’t be denied that you get more with the Titans. It’s worth mentioning that the sticker that goes on the extra Test Suit blue part on the leg does not fit as well as we’ve come to expect from RG stickers which was kind of disappointing. Instead of one sticker to go over the contour of the piece they should have given you two.

In the end, whichever version you decide to go with you can’t go wrong and the fact that the kit is so great is more reason to do both. I love both versions and couldn’t choose one over the other. They’re both fantastic.

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  1. Hugo says:

    Thanks for the review. They both seem excellent, and I’m sure I’ll end up getting one of them some day 🙂

    • H-G says:

      Finally i’ve found where the sticker № 36 goes on the AEUG Mk-2.
      The sticker is there, but it’s not mentioned in the instructions…

      Must be related to the extra parts being absent in the AEUG version.

  2. Mack says:

    I went with the AUEG version, mostly because of my hatred toward the Titans pilots. I also thought that doing a straight build with the dark blue would prove difficult in hiding nub marks. I don’t feel ripped off that I didn’t get the test parts, but I think Bandai could’ve thrown them in anyways…

    • syd says:

      That’s how I felt as well. I just finished adding the markings to the AEUG and they look better than the titans particularly the red.

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    So when are you going to reveal how you made the “S2” decal?

    • Dan says:

      I second that!! I love to see a tutorial by Syd on making gundam decals!

      • Tony says:

        Third. And as I’m graduating soon I kind of want to do a tribute build to my school, and our colors are gold and blue (Golden Flashes baby!), which makes me think the Titans kit could be a good one to use since its, well, already blue. And if I could make a decal of my school’s logo in gold/yellow…. that would be badass.

  4. Sonar says:

    Interesting. I’m pretty keen to get both of these. Particularly appealing that you mention there’s less fiddly armour work involved. I’d have been interested to know why the Titans ver. got lower scores in some of those categories.

  5. RigShokew says:

    Is it compatible with the HGUC G-Defensor?

  6. Ben says:

    Great review, ordered both kits and received the Titans a few days ago, can’t wait to start on it.
    BTW anyone knows which Titans MK II was piloted by Quattro?

  7. Matlock says:

    Awesome review. I just got the Titans version, and am in the process of building it right now, Cant wait to finish it. I am curious though, Did you run into any issues with the two front skirts pieces? Mine keeps on popping off, more specifically the front right skirt. when I put it together, if I move it just one bit the piece for the vent pops off. also, it is really hard for me to snap in the center piece into place, once both front skirt pieces are in place. Did you run into any of those issues? I really appreciate any help. thanks

    • syd says:

      I didn’t run into issues like you are having but I did have problems originally putting one of the vents in position due to the piece and working space being really small. Once I lined it up properly, though it went fine. The only thing I can think of is that for your front right skirt you don’t have that tiny connector piece which is part of the frame pointed in the right direction.

  8. Henry says:

    Would you say that the AEUG one is still worth it even though it is missing those test parts? I can only get one and I’m not quite sure which one to get.

  9. Tony says:

    Just ordered the AEUG kit today. My first RG 🙂 Was torn between this and one of the Zaku IIs, but I’ve already got an HG Zaku that looks pretty decent, so went with expanding my collection.

  10. tinbore says:

    Both kits look really nice, but I’m stuck between which one to get XP. I like the blue on the titans version but then again the yellow bothers me. The aeug looks a lot more suited for the colours but I’m a bit tired of the “everytime white” colour scheme.

    • Noah says:

      i got the titans version, because the colors stand out more and i have a personal preference for blue. the A.E.U.G version will blend in too much, my brother already has 3 or 4 with almost the exact same color scheme. if you want to have a gunpla that can go on a shelf with the other gunplas with similar color schemes for a more cohesive-looking display. the titans simply stands out more.

      • Noah says:

        sorry, i meant to have the aeug with the age-1 and the rx-78-2. they are both excellent figures, however.

  11. Gvn says:

    What do you think, should I buy RG Mk-II or HGUC Mk-II (Revive ver.) ? I mean, I want to buy a kit with a good articulation and great durability because I like to play over with ^^”

    thank you 🙂

    • syd says:

      If you have RG as an option for the suit you want then go with RG. It’s a much more engaging build and they look fantastic.

      • Gvn says:

        Does RG Mk-II have a good durability? And will the parts of RG Mk-II fall off like another RG?

      • Jacob says:

        I think every gunpla, no matter the grade is, will starts to fall off if we play on them to much 😀
        I have two RGs (freedom and GPO1Fb) and their joints still quite strong and stiff ’till today when i tried to bend them and nothing ever fall off of them.. but I very rarely play on them ..
        My opinion is, since Mk-II was a quite simple gundam (not many gimmicks and transformation) there will be less problem

  12. Bocalt says:

    Rereading this I’m wondering whether there was a need for a new hg revive, does it make sense?

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