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I am going back and forth on how I want to present the two newest Real Grades, the MkII Titans and AEUG versions. I was originally planning to show them step by step together but the delay in the release of the AEUG version led to that idea being scrapped. I’ve already built the Titans and showed most of the WIP and even have a gallery up so to show the WIP in its entirety for the AEUG would be redundant. So, I’ve decided I will review them together, but I’ll use the AEUG version to show the backpack assembly and a couple of other things, one of them being the mesh pipes on the AEUG.

The Titans gets the light blue while the AEUG is dark blue/black.

And here are the parts which I messed up on the Titans.

I was extra careful this time. 😉

During that Titans fiasco I forgot to take a picture of the cockpit assembly, so here’s the AEUG version’s cockpit (which is exactly the same).

The inner frame differs only in the color of the mesh tubing.

Now here’s the assembly of one of the coolest backpacks in the Gundam universe.

And it’s really simple. Two frame parts which will be used to attach the thrusters and front and back armor parts.

The arms/beam saber mounts are really well done. They involve two small frame parts, one to attach to the main part of the backpack and the other to mount the beam saber handle onto which pivots so the handle can be attached and removed easily.

Then a 10 millimeter length of tubing is used.

It’s held in place at the bottom by one armor part.

Then thrusters.

I purposely built this version with only half the armor applied so I could get some shots of the frame.

Now for fun.

I’ve been debating what to do with this kit and my first thought was a complete recolor, but I actually like the colors on the AEUG. While pondering I saw this image.

Apparently, this was the most part done with Gundam Real Touch Markers. Hmm. I think I wanna try.

I still have the weapon assembly to show but I think the next post you’ll see is the review for both.

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  1. wow, is this what real touch can really do? Amazed~ It looks like the kit were dry-brushed? especially on the dark blue parts

  2. Hugo says:

    I knew that real touch markers where good, but never seen such good use out of them. I’m impressed.

  3. MilkyToast says:

    Whats happening in step three? My limited knowledge of Japanese tells me that a Grey paint marker was applied first, but I’m lost at the rest.

  4. ClayCannonII says:

    Real touch for Real Grade, seems appropriate. Can you put up a hyperlink if hlj sells these?

  5. Tom says:

    I find that Gundam Real Touch Markers work really well as panel line markers.

  6. RigShokew says:

    Can HGUC G-Defensor dock with this RG MK-2? I can’t find the hole for RG Mk-2’s back pack..

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