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[The excellent Master Grade AGE-1 Normal kit has appeared a lot on Gaijin Gunpla recently. Well, it’s not only me that enjoys this kit. David also built this kit and took the time to paint it. He is on board with me on the AGE-1 bandwagon, except for one difference. His AGE-1 is much nicer than mine.]

Presenting my MG AGE-1 Normal. I didn’t plan on getting this kit. My cousin actually bought me this kit after my Dad showed him some pictures of other kits i had built. He had started me on building gunpla a few years back. Funnily, the first kit he gave me was a FG Exia, which near made me turn away from making models. 😀 I’m still pretty new at gundam model making.

Don’t get me wrong, after seeing some painted builds of the AGE-1, including a recent one by suny buny, I definitely decided that this MG was a good looking kit. It just wasn’t high on my priority list, and I was afraid that I would be hooked into getting the MG Titus and Spallow as well.

I originally wanted to do just a straight build with decals, panel lines, and matte top coat, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought that I could make this suit look a bit better. So I went to my local hobby store and picked up a spray can of Tamiya AS-26 Light Ghost Grey. I wanted to add an extremely light grey, so that the suit would take on a more “Real Grade” look. This was also my first time doing widespread masking. I gotta say, Tamiya masking tape works much better than just using normal cellophane tape.

[editor’s note: Love this pose!]

Apparently, Light Ghost Grey is more of a very light blue with a smokey look to it. I was initially disappointed by this, but I realized that since it was blue, I could also use it add another shade of blue to the chest and backpack. After that it was stickers and decals (I like my kits with a lot of decals, I’m a big fan of Katoki :D).

I forgot to line some areas like the back of the head, the sides of the shoulder armor, and pars of the shield. Still, I’m pretty happy with the result and I think I learned a lot. The blue really adds some more color separation and complexity to the kit.

I actually ended up using the provided stickers for the legs. I felt they had a texture that I couldn’t replicate, plus I didn’t trust my hand painting abilities.

Like Syd said, this kit has some amazing articulation. I’m personally not a fan of the hands, but that’s just me. The only real issue I had was that, even after topcoating, the hips on my kit felt loose and the legs split a little too easily in wide poses. The front of the foot can also bend a little too easily, creating situations where a kit looks stable from the front, but the heels are actually not contacting the ground.

Anyways, here are some pictures, taken with my amateur photography skills. Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    It has an RG strike feel to it, great job

  2. Hugo says:

    Looks awesome. Really great work. Almost makes me want to get one 😛

  3. Dennis says:

    Very nice indeed; planning on painting mine soon. Not going to be as fancy just stright anime colors an decals from

  4. Reval says:

    nice work. I was so intrigue about how you got some good quality pictures to shown here (because I’m planning do the same after I finish my Nu)

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