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The Full Armor Unicorn was quite the build but with everything complete I started thinking about what to do with it. Having already built and painted a MG Unicorn, and still in the same process with the MG Banshee, I wanted the FA to be a bit of a departure from what I’ve done before. FA Unicorn was dubbed ‘the Zebracorn’ in the last installment of The Work Table by Sonar of GAF and I think it works well so from now on FA will be referred to as the Zebracorn.

You can see the colors are that of a Zebra. I still have to paint the feet and backpack and do something with the Unicorn’s horn. But my main focus on this project was using some of the FA Unicorn’s weapons, specifically the Gatling Guns. While I won’t be using all six, I will be using four.

Notice anything?

For those not in the know, the Gatlings for the FA Unicorn fit together into pairs with each pair having Gatlings with ammo drums opposite each other. Well, in that picture I just posted the drums are on the same side in each pair. Why is that?

Well, I want them to be mounted over the shoulders of the Unicorn. Zebracorn comes packin’ heat!

But how to make it work? I played around with the Gatlings and some parts trying to come up with a plan. I decided I would use the piece that the Gatlings attach to on the underside of the shield.

But those parts are too long and I have no plans to include the shield in the mods, so…

So far so good.

And check this out. The part I hacked off is long enough to go across the two Gatlings as a way to reinforce the assembly.

Next step is this part.


Then it was time for the cement.

If you haven’t guessed by now I am mounting the Gatling assemblies to the regular backpack of the Unicorn by using the parts that move the beam sabers handle around when transforming the Unicorn between its Unicorn and Destroy modes. I contemplated building an entire new backpack but then realized that the motion of those parts on the backpack already do what I need them to do to make the Gatlings work.

With the cement out I decided to tackle a couple of other things. First up, that stupid skirt frame gimmick.

When transforming the Unicorn to its destroy mode you actually open up the skirt frame changing the leg angle at the hip joint. I’m not sure how this benefits the kit looks-wise but I do know that when those are opened up the kit seems very unstable.

So I glued them shut.

Hopefully this will allow the Zebracorn to stand sturdy with his Gatlings mounted.

I also glued some of the Gatling parts together making them more sturdy.

Then glued on the brace.

I left the cement for a day to dry and then tested some things out to see if they worked.

Without the rest of the Gatlings on the bases sit fine. So let’s try it with the whole Gatlings assembled.

They stand up properly now at least.

I’m liking it so far.

Bringing them down though…

While they seem to sit on the shoulders okay the angle seems a bit odd. I may need to do something about that.

But until then, so far so good.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    That is sooo sexy my friend. I can’t wait to see it finished

  2. fury-s12 says:

    I love how the black breaks up the armor, I said in the banshee post I prefer the unicorn in Ntd mode but with the black it breaks up all the white and makes it look just awesome, not to mention 4 shoulder mounted mini guns ala a warthog, Mecha porn

  3. Hypnos says:

    looks great, i would placed a pair of bazookas or long range cannons on the shoulders, and kept the gatlings on the arms, but its a great job syd 😀

  4. Gab says:

    Lol~ the Gatling guns reminds me of warmachine

  5. lupes says:

    VERY nice mod Syd, loving what you pulled off with this. Best suggestion I can think of to make the angle a little more satisfactory is try to find a way to incorporate a balljoint or add some x-axis rotation to the halves as well. Regardless, looking good!

  6. Deikun says:

    Hmmm. I can’t say I’m sold on it yet. I’m usually a fan of more subtle color schemes (like on a Real Grade), and I absolutely love the Unicorn as it is in Unicorn Mode! Though I think it’ll look much better when completed.

    As for the Guns mobility, have you though of adding another joint to the system? That might make it a bit unstable, but I have a feeling it should add a bit more mobility too(two sides of the same coin, really)!

  7. Hugo says:

    It’s looking really nice so far. Putting those gatlings on the shoulders is a great upgrade.

  8. Tom says:

    The angle of the gatling guns are fine in my opinion. Can’t wait to see how this thing will look when it’s all done.

  9. Sonar says:

    Haha You adopted the name! That over shoulder gatling mod is exceptionally cool.

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