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The highlight of the 51st Shizuoka Hobby Show for me was the HGUC ReZEL Type-C [Defenser b-Unit][GR] (I’m just going to call it the ReZEL Defenser from now on). Well, now it’s here!

This version of the ReZEL is looking just as badass on the boxart as the others, maybe more so.

Box Contents:

With an MSRP of 2600 yen the Defenser ReZEL is on the higher end of the HG price range but you can understand it when you see how much plastic is in here.

The pieces for the Defenser B Unit are pretty big and one thing I noticed straight away is the color (and no, not the orange). The light colored pieces are a nice tone of gray that isn’t too dark and contrasts nicely with the duller orange.


ReZEL Defenser looks pretty heavy duty with the unit on its pack and those large weapons.

Here’s a pic of the section of the manual that shows the transformation.

And Bandai has included the expected foil stickers…

…and also some marking stickers!

Gotta get on this guy soon. But I had plans this weekend…

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  1. Rustkill says:

    Wow. I had ignored this kit when I first saw it because I’ve been thinking of buying an MG kit as my next purchase, but the picture of this guy from the manual is very nice! I may have to put this on my wishlist.

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    I might even pick this one up

  3. Deikun says:

    Shouldn’t have looked at this post. Fell in love with the Defencer the moment I saw it! I always thought the ReZEL needed more to it, and this adds everything I could have wanted! Add this to the MG Banshee and Blitz to my current list of must get kits… -_-‘

  4. TimmyJ says:

    I think i accidently ordered 2 of these from different sites because of different names and promo pictures. I hope they are different. But even if they are the same, i’m ok because I really want to build this. And then I can have a transformed and regular version sitting around. The weapons look insane.

  5. Tom says:

    The colors for this ReZEL is very nice indeed.

  6. Sonar says:

    Cool. I want it.

  7. Jack says:

    Looks nice! I wonder if the price reflects the engineering too. Tell us if it does!

  8. Bocalt says:

    Hi there, with the upcoming MG and having built a MG rezel and a hguc Rezel, what are your views on the kit? Seems it can only do standing poses (first time I see Bandai selling a MG kit with only standing poses so far) moreover that it requires something to hold it standing which i can understand considering the size and weight of the backpack…

    • syd says:

      I liked the original MG ReZEL but I think I’ve had enough of transforming kits. I think it is going to be very back heavy and definitely will need a stand.

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