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It feels like ages since I last built an HG but when I stop to do the math it’s only been about two months. Is that a long time or a short time? The excellence of the Real Grade line sees my 1/144th scale desire satiated, but be that as it may, when I saw the HGUC ReZEL Defenser I knew I wanted to build it. And I have.

You would think the build starts off just as expected with an HG kit but right away it throws as twist at you.

That poly-cap in the shot? Those are used in most newer HG kits as the joint into which you pop the arm. Not so with the Defenser.

On this kit it actually slides into the bottom of the torso frame and will be used to attach to the skirt.

Before attaching the frame to that large armor part you first put on the side frame pieces. The fit is very precise and if one of the lower torso side parts isn’t in place completely you will never get the frame into that rear armor piece. I found this out through trial and error.

The front armor piece has a frame part all its own.

But first put in two poly-caps.

Looking at this you get a little hint at how the transformation will go.

A couple more armor pieces complete the front and there is some sticker work done at this stage but, as usual, I skipped that part. Also in this shot the large piece that mounts onto the back which will support that monstrous Defenser Unit.

Now for the head. A clear piece is dropped onto the face-mask piece but be sure to place the reflective sticker before doing so.

Then it’s just a matter of putting the sides and top on.

The arms are all x2 so on the left are the assembled upper arm and shoulder joint and the right shows the pieces used.

Taking that shoulder joint you attach the large shoulder armor pieces.

More stickers go here.

Taking the assembled upper arm slap on the lower frame parts.

Add armor.

Then some ‘trim’. You can see how the white parts attach to the little peg on the elbow joint.

Add hands and voila!

As mentioned, the arm doesn’t attach to the torso via that poly-cap but instead pops onto the large ball protruding from the rear armor part.

Here are the parts for the hip joints.

There is actually a lot going on here with several small pieces involved.

Knee joints.

This next part reminded me of the MG version. Taking those large front armor pieces and adding the trim.

Then you move to the feet.

But you only build this before going back to the legs.

A lot of smaller frame and trim parts are fitted on the large lower leg armor pieces.

And then back to the feet.

These are quite flexible.

This is a bit of surprise. The feet on the HGUC Delta Plus and the Delta Gundam were built so that you disassembled the feet in order to do the transformation, but this ReZEL makes it look like that is not necessary. (just so everyone knows, I haven’t yet built an HG version of the ReZEL).

Here are the frame parts for the skirt.

Accompanying armor.

But the side skirts are quite different.

Look at this sizable pieces.

Each side has three thrusters.

I’ve got both halves of the suit done and was looking around for the picture of those two halves together and then realized that I took that picture with my iPad and put it on facebook.

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  1. Hugo says:

    This is looking much better than I thought it would. Really like a small MG. I may have to end up getting one for myself.

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    The front of the skirt always makes me laugh

  3. cheddarmint says:

    I believe you have the lower legs switched in that picture.

  4. fury-s12 says:

    i dont usually go for hg’s, id take a mg version over the hg one any day, but this looks great and with no outted plans of a MG version i may just get it, its prime for some metal parts

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