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I’ve already written about the MG Marasai and how it ranks as a kit, but now I want to show everyone how it all goes together. It has a lot in common with the Zaku II 2.0 kits but it’s where it differs that counts and I’ll try to show everything so you can see for yourself.

You start off building the cockpit and on the Marasai it’s quite easy to put the pilot figure in the seat which can’t be said for some other MGs.

Then the large frame pieces are used as well as the frame parts for the lower torso which are almost identical to those found on the Zakus.

One thing I noticed is the difference in feel of the plastic for some runners.

With those shot I try to show the two slightly different tones of gray found on the different runners. It seems the Marasai frame looks to be a flatter color than regular frame runners and also feels a little more pliable, though I never was worried about bending or breaking anything during the assembly of these pieces.

Shoulder joints.

These slide into the torso frame from the back.

Then the rear frame part and lower armor part are put in place.

Now for the darker red armor found on the sides of the torso.

The cockpit hatch opens on the Marasai and the frame for this is made of two parts.

The hatch is meant to open but you really can’t see inside.

Then it is time for the head and the first thing you do is…

Armor collars.

Here’s a shot of the manual explaining what you need to do.

Though an MG, these parts are small.

They line up three per row so you have to use a row of D1, then a row of D2, and finally another row of D1.

Then get your frame and armor parts…

Now for that cool little contraption that lets the Mono-eye illuminate.

No need for stickers here, just plug the two clear plastic parts into the dark part.

then put the top and snout on. You can see the little switch that you can turn to move the mono-eye. Much better than just having to move the head side to side.

Then some fairly sizable armor parts are used plus a chunky frame part which can house an LED>

The Marasai doesn’t come with an LED but I do have one lying around from my 00 Raiser.
If you want to activate the LED you just pop the head off the torso and if you want to move the mono-eye you simply remove the armor part from the top of the head. Nicely done, Bandai.

Now for the arms. Everything is x2 so here are the shoulders.

Then the arms.

You can see the small green pieces that are inserted into the elbows.

Then armor.

Next you focus your attention on that giant shield.

It’s a very simple design that works really well. Frame parts are nestled into one side of the shield and then enclosed by the other side being put in place.

And now for some spikes.

Wouldn’t be a Zeon suit without spikes, would it?

And now the hands. The first pair Bandai has you build are the swappable finger variety.

No comment.

Taking what we had so far…

But I still had a bit of time so…

to the skirt!

These pieces are really large. Working on the Marasai after tackling two Real Grade kits, (and some MG Gundam AGE in there as well) is quite the change of pace.

Now back to these.

4, then 3, then 3. Got it.

These are still fairly small and the possibility of dropping and losing one or a few was something I was concerned with so I came up with a method.

Remove the collars from the runners in their rows then slide them on the tube and cut them off one at a time.

Slide them down and grab the next set of three.

And so on until you’re finished.

Didn’t lose a single one. Of course, once they’re on you’re left with these.

To attach these to the skirt frame takes some positioning and though the construction isn’t difficult it was tough to get a picture so I just snapped a shot of the manual.

Then more huge parts!

And that is where I stopped. Next stop feet and legs (the good part!)

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  1. Hugo says:

    I wish they’ve done something al little different with those little green thingies for the tubes. They look to be a pain to clean properly.

  2. hiroy_raind says:

    “Wouldn’t be a Zeon suit without spikes, would it?”

    But it’s an Earth Federation mobile suit…

    • syd says:

      Haha. I’m letting my all anime ignorance show through. If its not UC (and some SEED) I don’t know the specifics. Makes me appreciate everyone’s comments all the more.

    • Jeff says:

      That was engineered by Zeon scientists

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    It looks nice, however, it’s kinda plain for me. Sweet method for the beads, just one question. What are you going to do when it comes to painting it for your Sonic theme? Also do you plan on adding any panel lines?

  4. GunplaFan says:

    Very good. I’m thinking about getting this kit. Should I?

    In an unrelated note, when will they release the HG 1/144 God Gundam Gold Plated? I’ve been waiting for a long time.

    • syd says:

      You should get it if you are interested in building it. I don’t know about a Gold Plated God Gundam anytime soon. Plated kits are expensive and these days no one has any money.

      • GunplaFan says:

        Ok, I think I will get this. It will be my first MG! The reason I was wondering about the God Gundam with Gold Plates is because they announced it already way back in November 2010.

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