Gaijin Gunpla

I built the suit over the course of two evenings but there was still some stuff that needed assembling namely that backpack. Being eager to see the Marasai finished I worked on the last portion of the Marasai while my daughter occupied herself with the English games on my iPad.

The backpack, just like the rest of the Marasai, is bulky and consists of a few large pieces.

It’s just a matter of slapping fair-sized pieces on such as these circular pieces for the sides.

Before putting those circular parts on I snapped a pic of the openable hatches. They’re pretty important.

Then thrusters!

Then more of those green armor collars.

Okay then, here we go.

And just like my method for the torso, once completed you have some small things to dispose of.

The backpack then slides onto the back of the suit.

I really like this picture.

With that done you move onto the rather sparse weapon selection that the Marasai comes with.

Here’s the rifle.

The red part slides into place from above.

There’s actually a noticeable gap where it connects which I found unsightly, but for the most part others won’t see it.

Two beam saber handles.

Now to play around with those hands.

Here’s the molded part for use with the rifle. It looks great with lots of nice detail, however…

It doesn’t seem able to grasp the rifle handle too well. The rifle here is mostly held in place by the movable thumb which means it lacks any kind of rigidity that you need to hold it in place.

A cool gimmick on this kit is how the beam saber handles fit onto the back of the shield.

For those of you who, like me, dislike the swappable hand design Bandai has included the 2.0 type hands. yay!

Be careful when assembling, please. I wasn’t and though the fingers looked a little odd. Looking at the manual again I could see the first and third fingers use the same parts and the second and fourth have parts all their own.

The final look is pretty sweet.

And another way cool aspect to this kit is the stand attachment Bandai includes.

The part that actually connects to the Action Base slides along the grooves of the larger part meaning you can position your Marasai at different angles.

And it plugs in securely to the back of the suit without worry of coming out.

Once everything was completed I noticed I had some extra parts, for example…

I check the manual

If a part is not used it is indicated so in the manual by an X through the diagram, but this one had no X which means it is for the Marasai. Did I miss something? I looked through the entire manually eventually finding it at the very back.

It’s for use with the online exclusive Ballute Pack. Pretty cool of Bandai to include extra parts in the kit for something you may not even pick up (though I am thinking more and more about picking it up. Gentei is my new cocaine).

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  1. Hugo says:

    I’m kinda surprised at the amount of parts that rifle has.

    Also great looking hands, and considering the rifle seems to be pretty light a bit of sticky tack on the palm will certainly help held it in place.

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    Baby got back!! Very nice job can’t wait to see how you turn it into the Blue Hedgehog

  3. fury-s12 says:

    i love the look of it with the dual beams coming from the shield looks awesome like that

  4. Arbet says:

    I like the picture where Gaigun Jr makes a cameo. 🙂

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