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The Infinite Justice Master Grade kit is something I’ve been looking at for some time, in my head debating if it’s worth picking up or what sets it apart from other master grade kits. When I listed my Top 5 Master Grade kits on Gunpla TV I made sure to ask viewers for their top 5 lists because, let’s face it, there are just too many for me to be able to build them all so recommendations on kits are extremely helpful. One kit that popped up in many lists was the Infinite Justice so I decided to listen to the people and try it out for myself.

Upon opening the box…

Ooh shiny!

Oh, a wire. What gimmick will this be for?

One thing that had me on the fence with the Infinite Justice was the armor color.

Is that pink? Or what is that?

A nice amount of stickers and dry transfers, however with water-slides on the market I probably won’t need these.

The poly-caps are a silver color but so are the frame parts.

The silver color is okay, but these parts would look much better painted.

Beam sabers and effect parts. Nice.

Alright then, I want to get this underway which means I need to keep the other person in the room occupied so I can concentrate. This is where a gadget like the iPad really shines. Hey, Gai-Gun Jr., let’s play some english games.

Construction begins with the lower torso frame.

You can see the torso is meant to pivot just above the waist but that large backpack could pose a problem for the joint in the torso, so what Bandai has done is engineer a little ‘brake’ of sorts in the form of a small plastic piece inserted in the back of the torso assembly.

Pilot figure.

Shoulder joints.

These actually fit in to the torso frame from the side.

And then are held in place by the armor pieces.

Here’s a nice move by Bandai.

The green stripes on the Infinite Justice are small plastic parts and not stickers. I would expect this in a Master Grade kit and am glad that’s what Bandai went with.

The back armor part and the essential frame part.

Insert the frame part and then attach to the kit.

Cockpit hatch parts.

Looking good so far. Black, green, pink, and white? Not really a color combo I would have thought up on my own.

The hatch slides open easily to show the pilot.

Now for the head.

Interesting how the chin part slides into the facemask. First time I’ve seen a circular hollow in this section, I believe.

The silver frame parts slide into the front armor part from the back.

Here’s another design aspect of the Infinite Justice that I was unsure about.

That large sensor that protrudes from the top of its head. Sometimes I think it looks lame, but at other times I think it works well with the face design of the IJ. What does everyone else think?

Still unsure, though I love the actual face portion of the head.

After a bit of a break to get some food with Gai-Gun Jr. it was back to the build, this time constructing the arms.

Pretty standard MG fare.

The armor for the lower arm slides on from both below and above.

Then the hands. No swappable hand parts here. I don’t think Bandai had come up with that ‘good’ idea at the time the Infinite Justice was produced.

The shoulder assembly starts by building those large white… what are they exactly?

These then join the regular shoulder armor parts.

I found myself still with some spare time so I decided to build the legs up until the point the manual splits them up between right from left. Here’s the upper leg frame.

You can see how the frame on the front of the leg will move when the leg is bent.

Then the lower leg.

The back of the lower leg has a small thruster or vent that is installed before closing up the frame. You can see the green part that fits inside the thruster.

Here’s a shot so how the articulation.

And there was where I stopped. Despite not knowing how I would feel about the build before I started once I reached this point I was reluctant to put the kit away promising myself I would get back to it as soon as I could.

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  1. i think those white things on the shoulder are supposed to be fake beam boomerangs where where the original justice had real ones there.

    this is one kit that i skipped over when it came out , but always contemplated getting when i saw it =D
    easily the best looking suit in destiny, the only thing keeping me from getting it is the bad story it came from, and the way too curvy shins…and maybe the pinkness…and the potential of the having the urge to complete the quartet…even though i find the rest of them less appealing and a member is missing from the mg line lol

    i think out of the lineage of the pink gundams, this one is the only one that looks good. probably because that tiny bit of green looks so pretty and unique against the pink. =D
    the the gray blocky cheek armour an quad vulcan make it look pretty aggressive too.
    to top it off, it’s got some large and realistic looking airfoils for wings – the only kind of wings i like on my mechs =D

    your review just might seal the deal for me =D

  2. Busterbeam says:

    always loved the long sensor. one of the few gundams that doesnt have face vents

    • J says:

      Yeah, I’ve loved the sensor on the IJ along with the vent-less face too. I think that combo made the IJ a real winner for me. Its one of my favorite kits and the fact its armed from head to toe makes it a blast to pose around.

  3. Tom says:

    Wonder what color scheme you have in mind

  4. Darth Mingus says:

    The large sensor works on this head design but the MG did not really do it justice. Check out this guys treatment of it: I think it looks much better when it is detailed up.

  5. Wolfbane says:

    I have to agree about not being a fan of pink mobile suits (Char could get away with it since his suit was salmon colored). Once I build my MG IJ Gundam I would like to see if I can paint it in red.

  6. brian says:

    I think it isn’t pink but magenta anyway I really like the head design of infinite justice because it’s pretty unique in my opinion ^_^

    • Samuel says:

      I’m hoping that you guys would film a seeirs of videos showing us a detailed tour of the BANDAI factory. Showing us how Gunplas are made from start to finish. There are a bit of videos on the internet but they are of low-quality and mostly in Japanese. I’d really appreciate if you take this idea into consideration!

  7. Alvin Lim says:

    tis is one of my all time fav kits….but i ruined it when i sprayed flat coat for the first time w/o practice. i sprayed it too near 🙁 and now it’s ruined. sighs

  8. Ben says:

    Yeah I really don’t see it pink its 1/100 NG was pink… Every time I see this kit, I’m reminded and I remind to watch out about those tight leg joints that so many broke…

  9. Jonny says:

    I painted mine in red and kept the rest of the colours the same. I have to say, it looks a lot better in my opinion 🙂

  10. SumAznGuy says:

    Long time reader but first time poster here. In any case, I was building the same kit and somehow broke the neck joint as shown in the middle of the 11th picture after I attached it to the torso. Should I pull apart the torso and retrieve the part and reglue it back or just glue the neck collar down?

    • syd says:

      Welcome! It’s ultimately up to you but that piece for the neck should easy to glue together if you choose to take the torso apart. That’s the route I would take.

  11. Lemniscate says:

    are you going to paint this kit? I’ve been wanting the VP resin conversion for Infinite Justice, but I haven’t been able to decide what kind of color scheme I’m going to use… XD

    looking forward to see yours.

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