Gaijin Gunpla

When last we left our hero he had his leg frames completed but the armoring had yet to be done. Now he’ll receive his pink protection! Let’s watch.

Starting with the thigh the armor goes on front and back.

This is followed up by the white and pink parts for the side of the lower legs.

Three pieces then finish up the lower leg.

When it comes to the knee armor, first a small pivoting plastic piece is put in place.

That was quick.

Upon completion of the leg armoring the next step is the ankle joints.

Now for feet.

The ankle armor is a simple three-piece construction.

Here is the ankle joint assembly.

Another plastic pivot is placed inside the armor part for the top of the foot.

This then fits onto the rest of the foot assembly.

Giving us a completed foot.

Looks very much like the feet on my beloved Sword Impulse Gundam.

With the completed foot we are now able to fully assembly those sexy legs.

But those legs useless without something to connect them to. Bring on the skirt!

Here’s the first step of the assembly.

With just these and one more part we get this.

The armor for the front center block is four pieces.

Couple those with the two front armor flaps.

The rear armor part is much less complex than the front.

The side armor skirts are one of the more interesting parts of the kits.

More parts involved than most MG side skirt assemblies.

And it just looks cool.

The bottom done, and looks quite good, except there is one more thing that needs to be assembled.

The beam saber handles that fit onto the side skirts.

And at that moment…

Intruder alert! Intruder alert!

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Comfy box is comfy

  2. SavviMaple says:

    “NYA! My gunpla box!” says kitty.
    Syd “AW… isn’t it cute.” *Takes picture* “now out you go.”


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