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I enjoyed building the first half of the Marasai suit but being a leg man I was more excited to proceed to the second half.

Just look at the size of these pieces. I’m waxing nostalgic for the early days of my Gunpla career when I felt the same sense of size when working on the Shin Matsunaga 2.0

Big feet frames means big feet armors.

There isn’t much of a gap between the front and rear halves of the foot but the foot can still move quite a bit.

Orange parts are next.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not so) once the orange pieces are on the articulation is very much limited.

The next step are the knee joint and leg frame. You’re building two of everything here.

You can see how the green parts fit snugly into the frame.

The polycap that will be used to connect the hip joint is the same as those found on the Zaku II 2.0 which shouldn’t come as a shock. The frame parts are distinctly Marasai, though, as that shape isn’t found on the Zakus.

Once you’ve got two of these it’s time to work on the right leg.

Look at the size of the frame parts! Those two small parts at the bottom of this picture? That’s the ankle joint.

Then even more monstrous armor parts.

Before putting the armor on the outside of the lower leg you first half to insert these little fins.

On top of that you have to get that part with the two circles into place as well.

The fins are kind of in the way so it takes proper alignment to get it to snap into its proper place.

Then the remainder of the lower leg armor parts are attached.

There is a slight, and to me unsightly, gap on the back of the leg. It’s not a matter of a gate mark being in the way, this is just how it is.

This was somewhat surprising.

That tiny part seems really out of place on this monstrous Marasai.

Then the upper leg armor parts are applied.

And that little part has its place.

Then the very familiar hip joint is assembled.

Just look at this sucker!

Articulation at the top is pretty good, but the bottom not so much.

Mmmm. Beer.

The side skirts are just two parts; one frame, one armor.

But the actually go into place quite differently than other kits I’ve seen. Look at the gap there.

I really like those curves.


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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    First!!!!! Sorry couldn’t help it. Nice build

  2. Dan says:

    Nice job Syd! How bad are the numb marks on this kit?

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