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I need to make a disclaimer before I continue writing this post. I prefer the MG Unicorn/Banshee in its Unicorn Mode over the Destroy Mode. Seems the opposite of most everyone else but I have my reasons. So for me, the Unicorn/Banshee looks its best like this.

I love this picture. This is the way the Unicorn/Banshee looks its best. For the Banshee I was going for a dark, almost midnight blue, and I attempted to get the effect by laying down a coat of gloss black and then doing two coats of blue overtop. Interestingly, when the blue is freshly applied it definitely shows but as it dries the blue gives way to the black, though, in the correct lighting the blue effect is visible.

Because Bandai left in the shield in the Banshee kit I built, painted, and decaled it because I really like this shield.

It was a good decision on my part to order the Gold Decals from the Final Battle Version of the Unicorn. The sheet has plenty of decals so I was able to put them on the regular Banshee’s weapons and they turned out amazingly well. I applied some mark softer lightly before top-coating and I think this paid off.

See? It’s gorgeous isn’t it?

But the Banshee is what it is due to those crazy weapons it wears on its arms and I took my time detailing those as well.

I decaled the parts needed to attach the claw as well and because of this I left the decals off of the regular Unicorn parts that are replaced.

And I painted the extra faceplate I had.

It came time to attach the weapons to the Banshee and I must admit I was a bit reluctant.

When I first saw the images of the MG Banshee in this mode I thought it looked kind of ridiculous. Those huge weapons hanging off the arms. Meh. However, it looks pretty good to me now that the work has been put in.

Things change when I transform it into Destroy Mode. Let’s start with the good part. The Banshee head looks awesome in Destroy Mode.

And the Destroy Mode suit is pretty eye-catching as well.

But the problems with the original MG Unicorn are amplified with the Banshee. I really hate the skirt frame design of the MG Unicorn. When in Destroy Mode the hip joints are so unstable it really affects what you can do with the kit and the legs, though looking pretty, are somewhat useless because they’re so long and heavy. You can’t do much with the feet when you have the Destroy Mode high heels up and if you were to put it on a stand the weight of the lower legs severely restricts the poses the kit can pull off. And the biggest issue with the Banshee, in both modes actually, are the Banshee’s very own weapons. Those appendages are just so large that you can’t really pose the kit. Gravity takes over and the arms just start drooping. All of these issues lead me to favor the Unicorn Mode over the Destroy Mode of both kits. But damn it looks cool.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Now you need to do a group shot with the grey ghost and the yellow bird

    • syd says:

      Interestingly, I had already thought of a shot with the Gray Ghost. I just gotta dig it out of whatever box it’s hiding in.

  2. CarlLewisC says:

    I totally agree with you, I believe the banshee looks great in its unicorn mode.

  3. Striker says:

    Note: this comment is not related to this post.

    If you can read this Syd, how do you attract people to your site?
    I am making my own gunpla blog soon and I don’t want to make a blog and people not even visiting.

    • syd says:

      At the beginning most of my traffic was from other Gunplar’s blog sites. Having my blog on their blogroll is beneficial for both of us in terms of traffic. Also, I participate in online forums such as Gundam Australia so people from there come to my site. But I get quite a bit of traffic because I am associated with GunplaTV which is becoming more and more well-known in the Gunpla world. For people without a link to something like that my advice is to be active on forums/discussion boards, etc., get to know some fellow modelers and swap links.

      Good luck.

      • fury-s12 says:

        Agreed I found Gaijin gunpla through Gundam aus before I found him through gunplatv, just become active on forums, posting not just your works and leaving but join in the convo, then when you do post your works put a few pics on the forum then a link to your blog, the more you do and the more involved you are, and if your blogs good of course lol, more people will see it, add it to there blog roll on there site and then it starts getting visible ;p, also Reddit/r/gunpla 😉

    • a nice advice summary, Syd.
      @Striker, I don’t mind exchanging interesting blogs links into my blogroll.

      • Striker says:

        1. Are you the guy who was featured by syd?
        2. Do you mean like post the link or something?

      • You’re welcomed,
        1. yes, my PG Aile Strike was featured by Syd few weeks ago.(Thank you again, Syd for the featuring)
        2. well, its just exchanging bloglinks, so if you fire some posts up, visitors from my blog can see your work. vice versa. but of course, you need to start some posts up.

  4. Mark says:

    Hey Syd, was this a flat coat or gloss coat and how do you ensure that the flat coat does not “frost”? Recently i have been topcoating with mr hobby flat coat and it always seems to “frost”

    • syd says:

      Hi Mark,

      I have had ‘frosting’ on flat coat before, too. In that case I sprayed on a day when there was too much moisture in the air which is a killer for flat coats. It could also be you are spraying too heavy or too close to the part.

      • Mark says:

        But how will i know if there’s too much moisture in the air? Is there a way to tell? and by the way i really like the colors on your banshee 🙂

  5. fury-s12 says:

    I think I’m one for each the unicorn I’m a huge fan of in destroy mode but don’t like it in regular mode, especially the actual uni horn :p but the banshee looks awesome all shut up in regular mode especially with those gold decals, it looks crazy good, I wish the blue came out more in pics Im a fan dark dark blue and would love to see this in person :p but either way it looks just as good black 🙂

  6. Brian says:

    Is the decals still shiny after the flat coat? I’m kinda worries about that before finihing my Banshee

  7. Angeltk says:

    Nice job Syd! I’m just wondering, did you gloss or flat topcoat the armor parts? Thanks!

  8. dave says:

    I love the gold decals! Why only this time I saw your blog? I have one and a bday gift from my wife. My only problem with this kit is leaning forward

    Overall design is a killer itself in destroy and normal mode

  9. Gundam fan says:

    I ordered a MG banshee titanium and i want the the nub marks to be hodden, what is better to use gundam marker GM 10 or tamiya gloss black X1? Nxt question is i want to make my inner yellow frame into a green inner frame like the ver ka edition what tamiya paint will i use a primer first then paint it with clear green or gloss green? What color of primer will i use? Last is i want to use water slide technique by using mark setter plus mark softener to my titanium is it possible or will the mark setter and softener dissolve my titanium finish? Thanx your response would be greatly appreciated. Thanx sir syd 🙂

  10. Gundam fan says:

    Hi syd sensei, i want to paint my banshee inner frame with tamiya gold, can i use tamiya gold or the clear plastic will be brittle? And then i would finish this with a gloss top coat….thanx

  11. Microeric says:

    Anyone know where I can get replacements for the dry transfers for this kit? I have no luck with those things, and messed up almost all of them just cutting them off the sheet, and since my wife got this one for me for Christmas, I really want to decal it out. Or if anyone knows of any waterslide transfers that would work too, that would be awesome! Thanks!

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