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The suit is all built, and looking pretty spectacular I might add, but there’s one important part that hasn’t been discussed yet. The backpack. The backpack for the Infinite Justice is huge.

Construction of the backpack starts with the center of the unit. And some yellow pieces.

Interesting how the smaller yellow piece fits inside of the bigger one.

This then gets attached to a very large piece which will be the base of the backpack.

Check out this clever design.

The small silver pieces actually lock the backpack into place when it is tilted up on the back of the suit. When you want the backpack to fold down and tuck in behind the suit you simply move those silver pieces flush with the purple piece.

Looking at that part from the other side you see even more frame parts being put in place, including these small things.

They lay inside a trough inside the armor and will slide back and forth depending on the position of the wings.

Opposite side armor piece in place, sir.

Now for the wings.

There are quite a few little grooves and protrusions involved here but they all line up perfectly.

Two large and important armor pieces.

For the engine units on each side of the backpack (engines, propulsion systems, whateva), you need to piece in the black pieces before sliding on the silver part. Line these up properly!

Then these are combined with the center contraption and those wings.

Then everything is closed up with this armor part. Notice the sliding frame piece.

This piece is the key!

It inserts into both the frame of the backpack and also the wings. This will allow the wing to open or close simply by pulling it away from the center unit or, conversely, pushing it in.

These little things are two parts each.

Followed up with some yellow, just like how we started this backpack.

This two moves thanks to that sliding frame part I asked that you notice

Are these vulcans?

They are meant to tilt upwards.

And they also slide forwards and back.

Ooh la la.

But there’s more!

The MG Infinite Justice also comes with its own rifle.

And a shield.

Check out these tiny pieces.

That yellow thing you see. It’s plastic.

Here’s another one of the ‘oh, cool!’ things you will find on the Infinite Justice.

This attaches to the side of the shield but also can come off and be held in the suit’s hands and there’s a beam effect part you can attach.

This little claw thing is cool, too.

It fits inside the front of the shield and I think it looks great there. I don’t thin I’ll be taking it off any time soon.

And a giant effect part for the beam shield.

They really brought their A-game to the Infinite Justice.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Infinitely Awesome. Can’t wait to see how the RG backpack works.

  2. Ben says:

    (responding to the last line) Indeed (don’t you wish you got it sooner :D), looking forward to the review…

  3. Dennis says:

    One of my favorite MG’s; love to see this as an RG.

  4. This back pack is massive.. personally, I’d love RG Aegis.

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