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I’m not going to lie to you. The bottom half of the MG Blitz is much like the MG Duel. Which is sweet! (Had ya going there, didn’t I? You thought it would be a negative statement. Well, it wasn’t. <- That last one was, however). Feet

Look familiar?

Here’s a pic of them together so you can see what I mean.

The ankle joints are definitely not those of the Duel.

That movable back claw (?) is pretty cool. It’s easy enough to pull out and put away when not in use and looks like it is meant to allow more support for the Blitz, however being just a small plastic part I wonder just how much assistance it provides.


This should look familiar as well.

Really familiar.

But now it’s time to get Blitzed!

What’s this thing?

Well, it’s actually meant to go on the lower leg.

Before you can put that on you’ve to attach the tiny vent parts that go on either side of the ankle.

Then you’re pretty much done.

Which do you prefer?

Love the flexibility of these frames.

The Blitz doesn’t have to worry about an Assault Shroud hindering its movement.


The rear skirt has no center block but instead is just one massive piece of armor covering a massive frame part. The front does have the center, though, and it’s a sexy one.

The side skirts are really simple and I was worries they might be too simple as that little red piece kind of just hangs there, however it didn’t fall out right away so I guess everything’s okay.

The front skirt consists of a frame and then two armor parts, which kind of surprised me. Usually these are just a matching pair of frame and armor.

That moveable side vent on the lower ankle works perfectly.

The javelins are comprised of just 2 pieces.

And the shield is as well, to start.

But then you load up the underside of the shield with all kinds of stuff.

Then the Javelins slide in and stay very well.

Then that fabled clawed weapon.

You can see how the lower part of the claw is two sections that sandwich onto a small frame piece.

The frame part for the Gliepnir is inserted and then covered up. This is what the wire part will insert into.

Add some thrusters.

Attach the claws and you’re all set.

Everyone already knows the result after reading my review but it’s worth stating again, this kit is great!

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  1. TimmyJ says:

    As I’m writing this i’m taking a minute break from putting the dry transfers on my MG Blitz. I liked the comparison pictures of the Duel leg and the Blitz leg. There is definitely a good amount of difference between the two in terms of looks. The Blitz is a great build and you can’t beat those colors.

  2. Mathias says:

    im glad that it is similar to the duel. first of all, the MG duel was an AWESOME model. the legs are especially great.
    secondly, the similarities mean that it will look awesome next to the duel. i always liked the overall design of the GAT series of SEED gundams!
    i ordered my blitz at HLJ yesterday. make sure that it arrives soon here in germany, ok syd? ;D

  3. Black lotus says:

    can you make a early version of the Astray Gold frame?
    does the right arm with the shield of the Blitz can be fitted on a MG Blue/Red frame shoulder connection?
    photoshoped a version 😛

    thank you

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