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First of all I have to apologize for the delay in getting content up. The delay was due to a bunch of unforeseen stuff popping up at work, combined with filling in for co-workers on vacations, while also celebrating Gai-Gun Jr’s 5th birthday. Another big factor is that I keep all my pics on one computer and was away from that for a few days. But enough excuses! On with the show.

In the last Marasai post I showed a little bit of kit-bashing of the MG Marasai and Zaku II 2.0. For the most part the combination of those two kits works and looks how I want it to but, and there’s almost always a but, there were some things I wanted to change even more.

First, the lower leg armor piece. On the Zaku II it is a rounded piece that covers the back of the foot, kind of like bell-bottom pants. Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t wear bell-bottom pants!

I needed to do something about that piece and make those legs look thinner.

Without that piece on the armor at the bottom of the leg looks like this.

If I cut off the little protrusions that are meant to hold on the armor piece in question the back of the leg would look how I wanted but there might be a problem with the front. I was hesitant to do any cutting until I realized it was safe to proceed. I had a safety net, of sorts.

I had an extra runner of lower leg armor! 30th-anniversary-bonus-clear-runner-included kits for the win!

So away went.

Here’s a comparison showing one set of armors butchered, I mean ‘modified’.

With that done I needed to modify the front armor piece.

Eye-balling might not be the most accurate way to do something but it definitely is the fastest.

With just that done the lower leg looks much thinner.

The next modification involved the head. With the Char’s Zaku II 2.0 I got an extra one of these.

As Sonic is known to have some spikes on him I wanted to use this on the Marasai’s helmet.

Quick test fit.

Looks good to me. All that remained to be done was fill in some of the hole with putty.

Oh no.. putty.. it will do something.. something…

Then I moved onto the feet. I’ve shown in the previous post how I used the ankle assembly from the Zaku backwards to allow some piston movement in the front. In that post I mentioned how the pistons piece was free-floating but I wanted to secure it somehow. The answer, poly-caps.

Got these off the poly-cap runner of the Zaku II. Or was it the Marasai?

You can see how the ball of the pistons piece just sits in an empty space in the frame part of the foot.

It’s like it’s made just for what I’m about to do!

The poly-cap is wider than the space so getting the poly-cap ends into the drilled holes took a bit of wiggling and some time but I eventually got it.

Me likey.

This is probably the reason I most enjoy building MG kits. The frame is just so much fun.

Now for another change, this one proving much more difficult than initially anticipated.

The shoulders.

As you can see I picked up a MG Gouf 2.0 kit. This kit is another favourite of mine but the reason I picked up this Gouf is for those curved spikes on the shoulders. Perfect for a Sonic Mobile Suit.

Sonic’s spikes all point backwards so I would have to change the position of the Gouf spike.

Notice how the Gouf shoulder frame and that of the Marasai are different.

While it’s easy enough (or so I thought) to use the Gouf shoulder armor…

…the same cannot be said for the Marasai’s.

The spike won’t fit into the Marasai shoulder so that’s out, but hey, the Gouf comes with two matching shoulders so the Marasai’s is completely unnecessary.

Having decided on using the Gouf’s shoulders I quickly encountered a problem.

The Gouf’s shoulder frame is designed to accept that curved shoulder piece with only one alignment possibility; up.

To get that spike to change direction I would have to modify the shoulder frame into which the spike is inserted.

Removing a little plastic from the bottom means I can insert the spike any angle.

Or so I thought. When it didn’t fit properly I had to reexamine the spike frame piece and I noticed a little rounded ridge on one side.

That is used to ensure those building the Gouf get the proper alignment (easy enough when you make it the only possibility) but in my case, that ridge needed to be taken into consideration when hacking, I mean ‘modifying’, the frame.

Clearing away extra frame did the trick and the spike fit in no problem. Testing it with the attachment from the Marasai looked promising.

That little part attaches to the side of the shoulder.

When I attached the shoulder to the frame it seemed there was a bit of a gap between the body and shoulder, which to me looked unsightly.

I tested using the attachment part from the Zaku II which is much shorter.

This was much tighter to the body and looked good at first.

Until I realized that I wasn’t taken into consideration the armor parts that would be attached to the arm and torso. Looks like I’m going with the Marasai attachment part. I then modified the opposite shoulder in much less time.

To finish up my work on the shoulders for the day…

I then moved to the backpack and all I did was use the spikes from the Marasai which were no longer needed on the shoulders.

Perfect fit!


If you follow me on facebook you’ll see that quite a bit more work has been done. I’ll show all the details very soon.

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  1. Busterbeam says:

    dude wtf are you doing? have you lost your mind? ive never seen you cut up so much stuff! this is crazy! cant wait to see it done. man this is something else. doing a great job tho!

  2. Tom says:

    Very nice mods with the drill bits.

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    I like it a lot, happy belated birthday to GG Jr.

  4. Dan says:

    The modified Marasai looks like it coming along well. I was wondering what kind of drill and drill bits you use?

  5. Dennis says:

    Dr. Frankenstein should take lessons from you. LOL

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