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SEED MGs have always been good to me. The Duel was a lot of fun, even with its issues, the Infinite Justice was fantastic, and the Sword Impulse remains the pinnacle of MG mastery. So where does the MG 1/100 Blitz Gundam fit in this world?

Overall Look: 9.5/10

Like all SEED suits it has some sweet lines and great proportions. In a way it lives up to its moniker. I especially like the head design and feel it would look at home on the Deathscythe and probably make the Deathscythe look even meaner. I even like the shapes found in the skirt.

There is, however, one part of the kit that irks me and that is those things on its back.

For some reason it makes me think of a butterfly and I find that contrasts with how I feel about the rest of the kit. If those were changed in some way (muahwahaha) it would be a perfect 10.

Colors: 9.5/10

I didn’t think too much about the colors when I was building this kit and it wasn’t until after I saw the shield that I knew how I truly felt about them.

Black, white, and red. Why that’s almost the same color combination as the best logo/uniform in all of professional sports.

The late 90’s Buffalo Sabres wore these colors on their way to their Stanley Cup finals appearance. I’ll stop here before I become bitter (No Goal!). If there was just a little silver on this kit it would, once again, command a perfect 10 from me. But I’m a sucker for those colors.

Weapons: 8.5/10

The lack of rifle is somewhat off-putting but it more than makes up for it with the other goodies the Blitz brings to the table. The shield is beautiful, and huge!, and even fits extras like the saber handle and the javelins on the underside.

The Gleipnir is also one of the craziest Gundam weapons around, though there are some issues we’ll discuss later.

Articulation: 8.5/10

The design of the Blitz frame is on par with the Duel/Infinite Justice/Sword Impulse so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it shares the same score. Some great design elements were used in the legs to allow the feet to stay flat when Blitz’s stance gets wider such as thee small vents on both sides of each foot.

These accommodate lateral movement of the ankle very well. Articulation of the arms straight up is hindered by the large shoulder armor but if you rotate that backwards you’ll be able to raise the arms above head level and the same can be said of the side skirt armor. Widen those legs too far and they’ll pop off.

Build Design: 9/10

Again on par with the other SEED Master Grades with only a few small imperfections. The butterfly wings attach by simply popping them into the armor but they are quite secure and even allow for some movement.

A couple of ‘gimmicks’ are provided in the form of the openings on the shoulder armor,

and the little claws that can extend from the back of the feet.

I also noticed quite a large amount of movement in the neck.

And at the same time noticed the cool mold of the armor on the back of the head.

The shield on its own is a great design and I already mentioned how it stores everything and attaches to the side of the arm quite securely.

This means that if you don’t wish to do the hand part swapping on the handle you don’t need to.

The Gleipnir attaches to the other arm by a base that joins the side of the arm the same way the shield does.

However, the gimmick for the Gliepnir, namely that piece of wire, doesn’t live up to expectations. One end of the wire is inserted through a larger plastic piece and then bent just enough to prevent it from coming back out.

This then is inserted into the Gliepnir.

The other end, however, is inserted into a much smaller piece.

Which can then only be inserted into the base at a certain angle. The result of which means you will either have to twist that wire a bit to get the desired angle for when the Gliepnir is extended or you’ll have to unplug it from the Gliepnir and rotate it until you have the angle you want. You do get some cool action shots.

But more often that not you get this.

The wire simply isn’t strong enough to support the weight of that very cool clawed weapon. This sounds like a major problem, and it could be depending on the importance you place on using the Gliepnir. I view this as more a problem with the wire and not the kit itself so that is why I keep the score in this category high. One other problem I encountered, however, does involve the kit, specifically the front armor piece.

This piece falls off far too easily.

Fun Factor: 8.5/10

Fighting with the wire or the falling chest piece may take some of the enjoyment out of this kit but not enough to turn you off of it. The looks combined with the cool weapons offers some kit enjoyment of higher quality. Just playing around with the shield is almost as fun as playing around with some HGs. It’s also worth mentioning that the assembly of the legs is almost identical to that found on the Duel Gundam. Deja vu!

Extras: 7/10

Swappable hands (ugh) and a base adapter. Sure you do get the wire but it really isn’t enough. I would have liked to see some kind of transparent part or even stand which would open up all kinds of possibilities for the Gliepnir. In some ways, that weapon is wasted.

It seems you can’t go wrong with a SEED MG particularly the more recent releases and the Blitz may even have a place near the top of his peers. I can already say it’s one of my new favourites.

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  1. Jonny says:

    Looking good, by far my favourite MS in all of Gundam! Hey Syd, the Blitz does come with a rifle, it’s integrated into the Trikeros 🙂

  2. weird thing i found out about the 1/100 blitz was that it’s incredibly balanced standing flat on one foot while most of the weight is on the other foot doing tip toe(more unbelievable when you realize how sharp the 1/100 blitz’s toes are). my bro left it like that for years and it hasn’t slouched or tipped one bit. it’s amazing lol
    I’m wondering if the MG could do that. it makes for an awesome aerial pose without actually using a stand.

    the whole pose goes like this:
    face to the right with right arm laterally extended as if firing trikeros.
    right leg extended to the right, foot flat on the floor.
    left arm is tucked up and pulled back.
    the left knee is bent and the foot is almost directly under the gundam carrying most of the the weight with just the toe part touching the ground.

    it looks kind of like it’s doing a backward jump shot with an imaginary bow.
    not sure if it balances with claw side forward, but you should try both ways. it’s not everyday you can pose a gundam on it’s toe without a stand =D

    btw, those heel spikes are a nice gimmick, but what are they for? lol XD

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey Syd,

    In the storyline, Duel, Buster, Blitz, Aegis and Strike were all based on a Prototype Astray frame design, so internally they will have similarities.

    Its similar to the MG Wing kits that share a frame design. To complete the set i believe they should re-release the Strike adopting this new tech they are using in the new 4 MG Seed kits

    • Jeff says:

      Seconded, especially when you consider that the original Strike MG is a good ten years old. And with luck they’ll release the striker packs the same way they did with the RG.

      • Ryan says:

        The MG Strike along with the MG Freedom were my first ever MG kits and both were a great introduction into my favorite grade of kit. But i do have a few minor issues with the old MG strike, for one the Mouth vents are far too large and the space between them is aswell, so they take up the majority of the faceplate.

        Secondly, the rear skirt armor is very loose and tends to fall off when you turn the waist.

        Minor issues of course, and the MG strike came with one of the best stands ever made for a kit. Its just a pity they werent made as good as they looked as mine broke 🙁

        Now i know that Syd considers the MG impulse the pinnacle of Seed MG kits, but i have to disagree, mostly due to the shoulder joints, which tend to sag and droop, as such he is a pain to pose.

        My favorite from that line, visually is the Strike Nior, its a fantastic looking kit. If they updated a MG freedom to look like the RG Freedom, now that would be my favorite 😛

  4. Joe says:

    You mention a lack of a rifle, do you mean a lack of a separate rifle or lack of rifle all together? The rifle is incorporated into the shield.

  5. Kefka says:

    The weird thing is that the NG had a stand for the claw

  6. Mike says:

    Pictures of the MG Buster and Aegis, both colored are up on Gundam Guy, take a look fellow Gunpla-ers.

    • ClayCannonII says:

      Did you see the box art for Buster. Hot damn

    • Ben says:

      Hey did anyone see the early mg buster review that was posted, looks stable and able to reproduce the awesome poses from the show, I’m very impressed, it looks like it might be the best MG kit of the year.

  7. Bocalt says:

    Gosh that yellow piece in the shield is a pain, its the first piece of gunpla i ever lost(someone touched my kit and noticed it was gone two days after) but it was already popping out as much as the top black torso piece while trying to pose the kit…

  8. Cholz says:

    the thing is man, on your deja vu thing, its really the same as with most kits developed in 2012 for MG Seed with the exception of aegis. All of their inner frames are identical coming from your X-frame (D plate)

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