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I did something different with the MG Blitz here on Gaijin Gunpla. I posted a review of the kit before showing any kind of WIP. Normally, I would write the WIP posts and once those were done would do a review, but I often felt that my reviews were a little late compared to other reviews showing up on the net almost immediately. I wondered if this made Gaijin Gunpla’s review outdated or perhaps even irrelevant. So I want to ask you loyal readers your thoughts. Which do you think is better, a WIP first followed by a review, or the reverse, the review first and then the WIP?

Switching things up with the MG Blitz means that the WIP is being written a couple weeks after the actual assembly took place so things that were fresh in my mind just after assembling the kit may have faded and this entry may be lean on text, but it’s gonnna have a lot of pictures!


Quite the large piece to start off the kit but things settle down from there. Is this the same frame as the Duel?

Black pieces inside of red pieces inside a black piece.

We’re through the looking glass here, people.

These red pieces slide into place and stay there, quite securely, without the worry of falling out.

Here is the cockpit hatch.

Now for the back.

The purple piece slides on from below but doesn’t click into place which means that it may come loose or fall off if you’re playing around with the kit a bit. Can’t fight gravity.

The purple wings that make me think of a moth. They actually attach to the suit by this little assembly with no poly-cap involved.

This part took a bit.

They are designed to snap into place so the angle has to be just right as you insert it into the back of the Blitz but because you’re working with an assembly that’s meant to move it’s tough to get the pressure applied in the desired direction.


The face mask sits inside the helmet in a tiny hollow in the underside of both sides of the head armor. You need to get the face mask lined up properly or the seam on the head armor won’t close completely.

A red clear part is then inserted from the front, followed by the V-fin.

The V-fin attaches to the head by two small protrusions found on the underside of the V-fin.

It can come off quite easily if you’re not careful when handling the kit but it’s easy enough to put back in place. And it looks wicked!

I’ll have to dig out my MG Deathscythe and swap head just to see how it looks.


That black armor is hard to photograph.

Sexy, though.

Here is how the shoulders start.

The poly-cap fits in the groove on the armor pieces for the side of the shoulders.

Then one small piece is added from above.

This piece will be exposed when the top of the shoulder opens up so it’s good that it is a separate piece as painting/detailing it will be an easier task.

Parts for the sides are then added.

Then from the top.

Then the armor for the the sides is put in place. Notice the very small red part.

Open sesame. The top flap pops up while the rest of the shoulder slides outwards. It works really well and probably best of all when it’s not opened up you don’t notice the gaps.

Even the areas you won’t see have details.

WIP 2 will be here soon.

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  1. Dingo says:

    To be honest, I don’t care how long it would take for you to release your WIP or your verdict. Timing is crucial, but the quality of the reading material is more important to me. If you enjoy doing it, your article become more interesting to read. Please do not rush, and just work with the way you like.

  2. micheal says:

    I don’t think you have to worry about outdated reviews because although they do help, I’m sure that many, like myself, are thoroughly distracted by your awesome custom stuff and such 😀

  3. You have my constant thumbs up, Syd!
    always a jaw-drop moments looking at your custom stuffs.. SONIC!

  4. T says:

    A slight delay in the review being put up hardly matters in the long run, unless your aim is to provide first hand info within the first week or two of the kit’s release.

    Personally I find what makes your reviews great is the insight and concise explanations provided. Great photos are another plus point. Few other reviewers who do kit reviews on a regular basis can compare when all they do are the standard look through of articulation and accessories. Granted it boils’ down to the individual’s opinion for each review, the issues and assembly problems of the kit you highlight makes makes the actual review better imo.

  5. ClayCannonII says:

    I like the WIP first then review, cuz the review is like the cap on a WIP.

  6. i think seeing the conclusion and then reading the story spoils the fun ;D

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