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Many people have praised the Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam and mentioned to me that if I liked the MG Sword Impulse (which I did indeed like) then the Infinite Justice was a kit I shouldn’t miss. Taking their opinions into account I picked up the kit. Do I find it as exceptional as others have made it out to be?

Overall Look: 9/10

This is definitely one of the more unique Mobile Suits I have come across and it’s got all the right angles and just the right amount of curves to make it work for me. It resembles the Sword Impulse in a lot of ways but what sets it apart is what I tend to notice more. One thing that I can’t decide how I feel about is the head. From some angles it looks fantastic.

Loving that ventless faceplate an the sides of the armor as well.

But the head from other angles…

I get that kind of feeling.

That head, with its giant sensor, is the only thing that causes me to stop and ponder how much I really like the look of this kit. On a side note, the kit looks great with or without its large backpack attached. And have I not mentioned how cool the backpack is? It’s way cool!

Colors: 9/10

The black, green, and yellow all look great in their sparing use and the darker armor color is very nice. That lighter armor color, would you call that pink?, at first had me kind of shying away from the kit and I think it’s definitely a love it or hate it kind of color. Having built the kit I’ve come to not hate it. 😉

Weapons: 10/10

The Beam Rifle isn’t exceptional but still looks good. The Beam Saber handles, being made up of three parts, stand out and the curved sabers are sweet, but it’s the shield that really scores high for the Infinite Justice.

The shield seems a weapon all on its own having that flying claw contraption tucked inside as well as that bear saber handle that easily detaches from the side of the shield.

Articulation: 8/10

Not bad for a kit with a giant backpack, eh? Well, actually.

I cheated. (I leaned it up against the backdrop of the photobooth.)

Posing it with the backpack can be quite difficult so I first played around with the kit without the backpack attached.

Ya, it is pretty good. I really like how the side skirts easily move up to allow the legs max articulation. There really isn’t anything stopping you from putting the kit into some sweet poses.

That said, you can get some good poses (and epic photos) if you can get it to stand with the backpack on.

(Love this shot!) You’ll notice I had to bring the legs in more and have it leaning slightly forward but it still looks great.

Build Design: 10/10

I’ll start with the backpack because I feel that’s where Bandai’s engineering on this kit really shines. As you can see those wings are able to fold in or out. Along with that you get the sliding covers for the thruster areas.

And probably the sweetest part of the design is how they gave you little locking mechanisms to hold heavy backpack up.

Here’s how the backpack connectors look when the backpack is down. The locking mechanisms are not utilized at this point and are turned down.

These connectors pivot when the backpack is raised into a flying position.

Then the locking mechanisms are flipped over and prevent the backpack connectors from moving.

And the result is some pretty sweet flying action.

The suit itself is much like its SEED cousins but has some things all its own particularly in the tilting vents found in various places on the suit.

(let’s save this for later)

And the Beam Sabers snap easily yet firmly into place on the side skirts without hindering movement.

One thing I liked about the design, which was difficult to take a photo of, was how the armor parts for the torso line up. On pretty much any kit the front and rear torso armor pieces line up flush with each other making a smooth seam. However, the parts on the Infinite Justice don’t, and are not meant to, line up giving the kit some extra contours that can catch the eye if viewing the suit from certain angles.

Fun Factor: 9/10

Just like the Sword Impulse this kit is a blast to build and the sheer amount of stuff you can do with it once it’s done ensure plenty of fun to be had. Set it on a stand and enjoy it all the more. There were only a couple of instances of frustration experienced but that had mostly to do with the size of those small pieces on the torso. Once past that, it’s smooth sailing.

Extras: 10/10

Lots o’ stuff! Probably the coolest of the lot is the beam shield effect part. When attached to the shield it’s intense.

You get that wire cable for use with the claw thingy found in the shield. You get several stand attachments, the best of those being the one that secures to the underside of the Backpack when it’s tilted up.

It clicks into place ridiculously easy yet is firm and can support the weight of the kit.

And the included effect parts are great. One set clips onto the wings of the backpack.

While the others are reserved for the legs.

I found when trying to put these in place that the effect part would bend sideways rather than back meaning it never seems to look right and also can weaken the effect part.

But as that is not essential to the kit it can be overlooked.

The Infinite Justice is one of the best Master Grade kits I have built in some time and I, like those before me whose advice I heeded, would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t built it yet.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    So did it make it to your top 5?

    • ClayCannonII says:

      I just did the math (cuz I was bored) and it looks like the justice was 1 point away from tying with the Sword Impulse. Nothing has ever gotten that close to Sword Impulse before

  2. Joe says:

    Those beam affect parts for the legs are not meant to be used in a standing pose, which is why you’re having issues. He’s not hitting anything with them while just standing there. So the leg needs to off the ground either kicking or the whole suit needs to be up in the air so those toes can bend down.

    • Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

      This and that, If I recall correctly, they are meant to be put onto hot water so that they can be bent into shape how you want it. And as you said, the toes are meant to be bent down to better accommodate the effect part ^^

  3. Mathias says:

    i have to admit that i only have this kit as a knock off from tt hongli. it was an experiment because i wanted to see the quality of those kits for myself.
    but even as a KO it is still up there with the best kits that i have built so far! and going from there i can only imagine how great the original bandai kit is.
    you always talked about how much you like the sword impulse, it is great to see a new kit come close to it!

  4. Ryan says:

    A kit i have badly wanted for some time now, and it clearly doesnt disapoint. Try The MG Destiny next

    • Ben says:

      Bought the extreme version despite it still being quite expensive (but worth it) still didn’t get to build it though, got a bit bummed to see that next to other seed and destiny kits it lacks exterior detail and feels a bit short on extras (it is packed yeah but it doesn’t come close to that Justice as per anime anyway)…worse i feel it is inferior to those impulse kits. Give me some motivation to get on with it 😀

      • Ryan says:

        I have the Full Burst version and its got as much extra’s as this Justice, and has those big eyecatching wings of light. The extra’s to pose him throwing the beam boomerangs and palm cannon are fantastic.

  5. Busterbeam says:

    a worthy score! glad you liked it!

  6. SavviMaple says:

    I have yet to build mine. I’ll shall wait and savour it! 😛 Great review Syd, I enjoyed it.

  7. when you see the pointy sensor and think of the bird’s crown, just think of how roman helmets look like that, and then it will feel a little better lol.

    i personally think it looks like some sort of knight helmet with a forward facing decorative horn, or some sort of pointy grim reaper/green goblin hood

    doesnt look so silly when you see it my way =D

  8. Kevin says:

    hey syd, do you paint all your kits?

  9. syd says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, I still do things pretty much the way as what I have showed in the past. I’m slow to evolve. 😉

  10. Kenneth says:

    Having this kit for a few years already and I’ve found the beam effect parts (ones that are made in thermoplastic)became brittle and I actually broke both of the beam parts on the wings of the backpack by putting them on normally. They also turned yellowish somewhat.

  11. mesut ramsey says:


    I thought there were more pics shown in regards to your review on the mg infinite justice. I’m pretty sure I saw some decals applied to your build in those galleries not so long ago.

    Am I hallucinating or was it just a different blog altogether?

    • S2 says:

      I haven’t put any of the markings on the Infinite Justice kit I assembled those many moons ago.

      • mesut ramsey says:

        Oh sorry, my bad.

        I mistook you for that gunpla inoichi guy(Z’s model review). Haha. miss the dude. It’s been a while since he last updated his blog.

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