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Before starting on the painting of Sonic the Marasai I had to finish up the shoulders, specifically the putty I used to cover up a couple of the hole meant for the spikes.

Once I had sanded the putty down to an acceptable (for me) level I dug through my box of spray cans and located some Tamiya Blue.

Looking carefully you can see that the putty work isn’t round like the curvature on the shoulder armor but it looks good when you’re not looking carefully. 😉

Here they are along with the painted backpack.

I used two tones of blue, the Tamiya (which, if I recall correctly is TS-15) and some leftover Mr. Hobby #5 Blue for the legs. The result is satisfactory though if I had more paint I would have done a second coat on those legs.

For the head I primed, then painted white, followed by some masking.

And I also primed, whited, and masked the feet.

After everything was dry and I started the assembly I ran into a little problem, well, not necessarily a problem but something I wanted to address.

I had put in the pistons previously but once the feet armor was actually on it really inhibited the movement of the piston.

What could I do to free those pistons up a bit?

I can cut away some of the underside of the feet pieces.

While I had the cutters in hand I trimmed the base of the pistons as well.

That created a little bit more room for the pistons to move. Not much, but everything helps.

With all the painting done…


Of course, there are no MG Sonic decals so for this kit I went to my box of unused decals and dug out some MG Zaku II Decals.

And some MG GM 2.0 decals.

And my trusted Wave decals.

Plenty of white Wave decals left so that is what I would be using the most.

Disassembling Sonic once again I prepped for a lengthy decal session.

A lot of the wave decals come with a tiny red circle alongside the white warning text. That red circle is unnecessary and even if I didn’t mind using it would be unnoticeable over the blue paint. So I did some trimming.

As this Sonic is my own creation I wanted to also be creative with the decal work.

Yes. That will do, nicely.

One thing that irked me from the beginning regarding the Marasai is the amount of piping/armor collars used for the head. There is too much space and they could have used one more. As it is now, the armor collars tend to slide towards the back of the head where they can’t be seen and this leaves unsightly gaps at the front.

Notice how much free space there is for those things to slide around.

No more free space now.

Now that the decal work is complete I will wait for this rain to stop and then put on a final top coat. Then Sonic will be ready to unveiled to the world.

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  1. you forgot to make it turn into a ball =D

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Syd! Why don’t you put your work onto Modelers-jp? This work is amazing and you should totally spread it so everyone can see!

    I had my second thoughts about this project, but mah gawd, it turned out amazing!

  3. Nacho-wan says:

    I LOL at the completed image. I thought this was a wild project, but it looks kind of nice. The sneakers are way too funny with the white line. Great job Syd!

  4. Dennis says:

    Now do Mario the Zaku.

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