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Dennis, also known as gunplanut, has been on the scene for some time. In fact, he was the first ever Reader Submission here on Gaijin Gunpla. He also has his own youtube channel! He dropped me a line and showed me his latest work and for some reason it struck a chord with me. 😉 Enjoy Dennis entry and look forward to some more interesting Reader Submissions that are coming.

First off I want to thank Syd for two things: 1. Posting this and my other submissions online and 2. Giving me the idea for this custom paint scheme.

The original idea for me to do an Iron Man custom came to me early in 2011 when Syd posted his awesome “Iron Man/Rezel” for the Gundam Australia Forum group build. I liked the color, but I didn’t want to copy someone elses work. After looking at all the kits in my collection I gave up on the idea as nothing jumped out at me.

When the HGUC Banshee kits were announced I immediately placed the order for them thinking there may not be a Master Grade out for some time; boy was I wrong…. After getting the MG of this I knew that there was no way I wanted three of the same kit sitting on my shelf. (Four if you include the Robot Damashii I have on order) so I decided to customize one of them.

First thing that jumped out at me and screamed “Iron Man” were the two exposed parts of the Psychoframe. I though —Twin ARC reactors— The paint scheme evolved from there. After looking through my available paints I found the colors I needed in my spray cans. I began working on this more then six weeks ago. This should have taken no more then a week to paint, but I ran into a major snag.

I ran out of the metallic red with one leg to go. Because of some labeling issues Tamiya USA hadn’t been able to import spray paints into this country for about a year. They are just starting to get them back in stores. I had placed a large order of sprays from a place in Hong Kong recently to compensate; but they were being sent surface mail and normally that takes two months. I had to find the red, so I begain searching online. Finally after two weeks I found a place in California that had it and bought their entire supply.

Now for the colors… Tamiya metallic red was used as the main body color with their gold as accents. Also used Tamiya gloss black and gun grey for other details. All thrusters were paint silver with black inside the bells. On the legs, and skirt armor there are several pieces that had black inside the gold recesses. They were originally stickers, but I picked those out with gloss enamel using a toothpick. There is also some white hand painted in back of the horn, which unfortunately does not show. The faceplate was painted gold and the goatee was painted red. The entire kit was topcoated using a high gloss enamel. I hadn’t used enamel in years and forgot that they can take days to fully cure before you can touch them.

The decals were made by and are his “Ver. Ka” Banshee set and a custom one he made for me that have Stark Industry logos and “Iron Man Mk VII/2” for various areas of the kit including the shoulders skirt armor and other areas.

Overall I am very happy with how this kit turned out. To date this is my favorite Gundam I have painted. This kit was actually a “test run” if you will for another superhero project for this summer involving several kits. More on that later…

Be sure to check out the rest of the Iron Man RX-0 on Dennis’ flicker.

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  1. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Wow, so nice to see this inter-connection between gunplaers! I am subscriber to gunplanut and found quite nice to see his work here. Very nice indeed ^^

  2. Ryan says:

    Very nice work, id been thinking about an ironman paint job myself for a kit. Personally i was looking at one of the Wing Zero kits as i thought the chest would make for a great Arc Reactor, i wouldnt have thought a Banshee would make a good iron man kit, but after seeing this i am glad to be proved wrong 🙂

  3. David says:

    Very nice stuff. How would you make a metallic colour really show? Would you have to put some kind of silver or chrome before applying the metallic colour? Or perhaps multiple coats?

    • Dennis says:

      The Tamiya mettallic red paint works very well over white primer. I am going to try silver under metallics on a future project. I’ll report on my YouTube channel if it work better or not.

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