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As I’ve mentioned before I have big plans for the MG Marasai. Okay, maybe not big plans but I do have plans. I have plans to take the long-snouted Marasai kit and convert it into Sonic the Hedehog. I must be crazy. If you look at pictures of Sonic…

You notice that he has long, slender limbs. That is kind of the opposite of the Marasai so some changes are in order.

The first step was to get some parts and by parts I mean this:

The 1/100 MG MS-06S Char’s Zaku II Ver. 2.0. This contains what I needed to begin the transformation. The first thing I did was build the Zaku legs.

To attach it to the Marasai’s feet I could have just plugged it in to the poly-cap in the foot as they are the same size but I wanted to play around a bit more and for that I assembled the ankle assembly for the Char’s Zaku.

However, when plugging it into the Marasai’s foot…

There is not enough room for that piston at the front. I was kind of disappointed that it wouldn’t work straight out of the box Then, I had an idea.

I swung it around so the back piston housing now was at the front. It fits perfectly.

The actual piston piece is free floating in there but the armor of the foot hides that fact.

The test fit on the Zaku legs.

Looking good so far.

Those legs definitely look much slimmer than the Marasai legs. Notice I also attached Char’s shoulder armor piece. That was just a test to determine how it would look. Not sold on it.

Now, about those arms.

Another big, fat section of the design for the Marasai. Very un-Sonic-like.

When it came to modding the arm there was one thing I was determined to keep from the Marasai and that was the green housing that fits behind the elbow.

Left side of the pic are the Marasai parts while the right side has the Zaku II parts.

Just putting the lower arm of the Zaku onto the elbow joint of the Marasai gives me this.

Yes, the parts will fit together but alas the sliding part from the lower Zaku arm has no place to fit with those green parts, however leaving that part out means that the gaps in the moving frame part will show easily and, in my opinion, be unsightly.

If I could find a way to fit that black part in with the Marasai parts…


Much better.

With this assembly I have successfully lengthened and narrowed the arms.

Yet, that black part behind the elbow isn’t secured in any way. I’ll have to fix that.


The parts for the lower arm assembly can be glued together without affecting how the armor is applied.

So now I have something that looks like this.

Still much more to do, though.

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  1. Joe says:


  2. Busterbeam says:

    i agree. you’re crazy. but innovative, original and fearless. keep it up!

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Very nice, still say it looks more like Knuckles, but that’s probably cuz its still redish and not blue

  4. Striker says:

    Using the Zaku parts makes it much more slender. And, as ClayCannon II said, it looks more like Knuckles so far. But its probably because of the red. It looks awesome!!!

  5. Dennis says:

    Now you need to find a way to do Mario, Luigi and Peach.

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