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I don’t actually have a garage. I have a ‘work room’ which basically houses my Gunpla kits and supplies, CDs and DVDs, Game Software, an air soft gun or two, my Japanese sword collection, and important documents I don’t want to lose (but am too lazy to organize properly). So why a garage sale?

Well, I’m just running out of room but there’s another reason. My wife works as a free-lance translator. (Lucky her, being able to work from home.) However, since this global economy trouble started hitting Japan hard (and probably combined with the nuclear fiasco still ongoing) she has not had any work sent to her in the last year or more. So not only have we become a one income family which just started sending the daughter to public school (expennnnnsive), but my wife now has much more free time around the house and I guess she’s been noticing my ‘work room’ more and getting on my case about the mess in there. (Unlucky me, a Gunplar with a wife at home all the time).

I pondered what to do with the kits that have been sitting in that room for some time. I could have repackaged them all, combining things, and managing the space better, but in the end I’d still have all this Gunpla hidden away. Then it occurred to me that I get as much enjoyment out of looking at a completed kit in one of my galleries and reading WIPs as I do looking at the completed kit sitting haphazardly on my desk or in a box.

So what I’m saying is, What I have is yours if you want it.

Basically, I am offering the kits found on this site to anyone who wants them. I know many people are interested in Gentei kits even if already assembled. All I am asking for when it comes to the gentei kits is the price they were sold for.

When it comes to the completed kits, that gets a bit trickier. I’m not vain enough to think that my gunpla command a high price but I do know that I put a lot of time into some of these kits. I think the best way to approach the completed kits is to have anyone interested email me and I will let you know the condition (if it’s missing any accessories, etc) and then I will state what I’m asking for. If the person who is interested finds it acceptable then we have a deal.

If two people or more email me about the same kit, then it becomes a silent auction with the person offering the most receiving the kit.

I will package everything very carefully and securely with the buyer paying the shipping charges.

So, fellow Gunplars, what’s mine can be yours! Just sent me an email at and let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in.

限定 00 Seven Sword/G Inspection

限定 7-11 RX-78-2 GUNDAM

限定 7-11 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. GFT

限定 ANA 00 Raiser

限定 ANA Gundam

限定 ANA Unicorn Gundam

限定 G.F.T. Nu Gundam



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  1. Chris says:

    Woah, you’ve just finished that Sonic Marasai, and it’s on the garage sale too? Not to mention all those RGs and MG Sword Impulse. You’re really laying down all of your Gunpla works for the world…. ^^;

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    Are you selling your sword impulse?

    • syd says:

      Hi Clay,

      Yes, I am. As much as I love it, it sits in a box at home and doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Advertised you on my gundam group. Hope things turn up for you.

  4. Tabris says:

    where is qan t?

    • syd says:

      It is packed away like the other kits. I haven’t done any work to it for some time as I was planning to do some kind of kit bash with the MG 00 Raiser. Still want to do that. You want a pre-built Qan T?

  5. Interested in MG Banshee!! =D

  6. Joe says:

    E-mail? Can’t find your E-mail address.

    I am very interested in your 1/144 ANA collection.

  7. Ben says:

    Ouch well i can understand the need to say goodbye for the reasons mentioned though i’m the kind who never gives away… anyways i’m interested in what you are keeping and why? (age kits 😀 )

    • syd says:

      I honestly felt that most people would only be interested in the Gentei kits and the completed kits that appear in my gallery. I didn’t mention the other stuff because they’re just test-built kits. I am keeping these because deep down I still have ideas and customizations I want to accomplish with them.

  8. Striker says:

    Can you email me the kits that are not completed? Like basically ones that you haven’t got to work on?

  9. SilverSky says:

    Hi there, I would be sad to see my works go, but I suppose that’s life =/, anyways I have a question, how long is this going to go on for?, for I’m interested in some of the kits but my wallet is feeling a bit empty right now, many thanks I look forward to more of your projects =)

  10. ClayCannonII says:

    I’ll take zebracorn when its done

  11. Jamz says:

    imo, keep a few favorites i’ve done the same thing and regretted selling a few and i had to buy new ones, just purge any that don’t hold a special place in your gunplar heart.

  12. Trevor says:

    Hope business goes good Sid! Kinda sad that all the sweat and tears that you have put into these models have to go
    :(. But it’s all for greater things right?

    Best of luck once again :’)

  13. sonar says:

    Thats sad. Shoulda upgraded the wife instead 😀

  14. Karu says:

    Whoa…This is unexpected. But still, I’m kinda digging the Heavyarms and the ANA Unicorn…

  15. tags says:


    I am a regular stalker of your site. I was quite surprised on what is happening here.

    Please send me the details on your MG unicorn and Red Frame astray

  16. Kikomachi says:

    Huh?! You just finished your Sonic Marasai and you’re selling it now?

    Anyway, I really want that RG Real Type Color version of yours and that NObell gundam. My concern though is… how can I send you my payment.

  17. amuro says:

    hey man ive sent you an email reqarding your garage sale. i cant seem to get a reply

  18. Hypnos says:

    it must be tough to sell all of those kits syd :/ , i have to admit that i would love to have that hi nu, but i think that the best part of this hobby is building and painting them, so it would be no fun. (besides that right now im broke xD)

    still, good luck with this sale!

  19. Krnmusiclover23 says:

    Dang nice customs! 😀
    It’s a shame you have to sell them off…
    How much for the HG G Gundam and Avalanche Exia? Also that MG Wing Gundam looks tempting…!

  20. Will says:

    That Banshee looks like a good deal … with the decals and the chrome parts (those are hard to get) ..
    Too bad my wallet’s empty

    • syd says:

      That Banshee has now has a buyer and I’m just waiting for the transaction to go through. I’m happy to know it is going to a good home.

  21. Fritzilla says:

    Like that first 7-eleven RX-78. Please let me know if he’s available.

  22. ClayCannonII says:

    I wish you had sandrock up for auction

  23. ClayCannonII says:

    I can’t believe you are selling the full armor, its a famous model from the early gunplaTV years

  24. Loc says:

    hey there, i wonder that the MG Age-1 kit of your are still available. Please let me know.

  25. john says:

    syd how are you i had 2 questions for you the first questions is i want to use the top coat i want to make it stand out which top coat will be good and second question is that kit is built do i have to take the kit all a part to use it and tape up all the moving parts ? thank you and i just ordered the rg zeta and cant wait for it i have been waiting to buy a zeta kit for years but all were expansive

  26. translego1 says:

    interested in beginning. I sent you an email asking about it, but I’m not sure if it got through. Can you please let me know if it did? Thank You!

  27. andrew says:

    are just the kits that are on sale are the ones that are on gallery or are you also selling the stuff that you did reviews on also. also i would like to know if you would just sell backpacks from suits or just the weapons itself

    • syd says:

      Hi Andrew,

      I figured most people would only be interested in the kits that I have done work on but I am open to selling other kits I have. You can email me at if you are interested in a particular kit. I would prefer to sell the kits whole, though and not just backpacks.

      • andrew says:

        ok gotcha i was just wondering since i was interested in just ur iwsp pack on luckas strike but anyways thanks for the heads up on selling other kits besides ur gallery

  28. zanruos says:

    hey syd i still see thing are for sell i would love to help u man to clear space i dont now if thiers any gunpla model u have that ant built and touch at all probbly not u are a big a fan of gunpla as me lol, please let me now i enjoy the built so much, i think out of your built suits i like i like the musha mk 2 and the dou v gundams. i would say burning but i would probly use it for parts..

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