Gaijin Gunpla

Continuing where I left off it’s time for the shoulders.

These are really very simple but they do have a little extra something-something.

Once the bulk of the shoulder is assembled you have to work on that attachment that protrudes from the side.

Follow the instructions carefully.

And you end up with something that resembles a bird’s maw.

See what I mean?

Though the finished shoulder is quite cool.

Now for the arms.

Yes, we’ve seen this all before.

And the foil stickers come into play.

Specifically these.

Man, these are small.

To be honest, I am not a fan of these mostly because the contours over which the foil sticker is applied cause all sorts of problems for the adhesive on the bottom of the sticker. It’s much easier to stick something onto a flat surface. I would like to see some kind of alternative for this. In the past I’ve used Gundam makers for good effect.


More armor.

Here’s a completed arm.

You can see how the armor slides when the arm bends.

I ( <-plus-a-3-that-somehow-makes-a-heart-sign) Real Grades.

Like the other RGs the shoulder slides on from the top.

And I’m assembling the head last… What?

So first I have to choose what stickers I will use for the eyes. I’ll go with #1.

Then follow the instructions carefully.

The text can be translated into English as “Be careful not to cut these off” pointing some very small areas highlighted in red. Ooops.

Love the facemask!

Then the final armor pieces go on and also a clear part for that massive head sensor.


Now for that monstrous thing known as the backpack unit. That’s even what it’s called in the manual.

Neutron Jammer Canceller? Hmm.

The two odd-looking frame parts are now used.

Now the manual states for you to do this:

But that is pretty difficult. Laying down the black part first followed by the frame part caused all sorts of problems with lining up the pieces so instead I placed the frame part into the black part.

Then it was much easier to line up and put into place.

With everything in place the top goes on.

Then more massive parts are used for the sides.

You can see how the thruster just fits onto a ball.

The other half of one side section.

Love the look of these parts, especially once you’ve got them together.

A couple smaller parts to break up the colors are then inserted.

Then lay in this small, but important, frame part.

Then you take a break and build a couple turrets.

And two mounted cannons of some sort.

And a couple of wings.

Place these, and some other stuff, on the backpack.

And the wings attach by one small part.

This is designed very well. That small parts slides back and forth along the side of the backpack so the wing can be adjusted as well as folded up. When it is splayed out the wing pushes into the side of the backpack and is held securely.

It’s so back heavy but fortunately that wing can be used as a third leg.

Rifle (same as Freedom’s?)

Beam Saber handles are two parts.

And fit nicely into the side skirt assemblies.

Shield (same as Freedom’s?)

Putting it away I vowed to get back to it and build the other half as soon as I could.

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  1. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    I <3 the detail and design of this RG… Mine is at the private warehouse! I need to wait to send it,… but the need… to build it… is growing… each day…

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    This kit is so much fun. The backpack is awesome sauce.

  3. Ryan says:

    Hi Syd, i think you may have missed a sticker that goes on the main antenna on his head.

    Freedom and Justice come from the same design project, which is why they share identical rifles and shields. There is a 3rd member of the set, Providence who doesnt share any weaponry tho. In the series Zaft(the builders of justice) created “neutron jammers” so stop any nuclear weaponry from being used, a side effect of this was that mobile suits could only be powered with internal batteries which limited their combat time. The NJC is designed to stop the NJ signal and allows the Freedom, Justice and Providence to have small nuclear power cores which give them endless combat time.

    Id highly recomend Seed for anyone to watch, great series. Personal fave is Zeta, but Seed is biting on its ankles.

    This kit looks fantastic so far, and i agree regarding RG kits, if they keep making them at this quality they will replace MG’s as my go to Gunpla.

    • Dennis says:

      My copy doesn’t have a sticker for the clear part either and it’s not shown in the instructions.

      • Ryan says:

        Seems odd, cause surely that antenna should have a blue backing behind the clear piece?

      • syd says:

        Ya. I thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t find it or see mention of it in the manual. Bandai slip up?

  4. ClayCannonII says:

    Hey I saw on gundam guy’s blog that the Zeta is suppose to be the next RG. Can you confirm if this is legit. Not that gundam guy isn’t a reliable source, just wanted two sources to confirm it

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