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A new RG means at least four more hours of gunpla enjoyment for me (the building plus the stickers) and the Justice was a good choice and a bold move on Bandai’s part RG’ing that big backpack. Did Bandai hit another homerun?

Overall Look: 8.5/10

Like all SEED suits I love the lines and the sharper edges combined with the slender look so the Justice doesn’t disappoint in this regard, though with that giant backpack attached it tends to look a little too bulky for my tastes. One thing I can’t get enough of, though, are those details on the legs.

The backpack, when not on the Justice and instead all expanded, looks fantastic.

So much time has passed since I built the MG Infinite Justice but I am still undecided about how I feel about the Cockatiel looking head.

Colors: 9/10

So it’s not pink but could be called ‘dark pink’ or even Cerise (thanks JPO). Whatever you want to call it the colors work very well on this kit with there being white in all the right areas to break up all that Dark Cerise Pink stuff.

Weapons: 9/10

The effect parts should have been included in the Extras section (oops) and it looks like I forgot the rifle. No, here it is.

These are identical to those found in the RG Freedom kit and despite a somewhat simple assembly look great. The beam saber handles look better on the suit than in Justice’s hands.

Articulation: 8/10

I feel the same about the Justice’s articulation as I did about the Aile Strike’s so I am just going to post here what I wrote back then.

“I’m of two minds about this actually. Of course, you can see the articulation is good. The kit is very posable, mostly in the legs though, and is fun to play with but all that articulation is moot once the Striker Pack is on. You definitely need a stand to get the most out of the Strike/Striker Pack combination.”

Replace the words Striker Pack with backpack and this is the RG Justice. If you take off the backpack the posing options available to you increase tenfold but is it really supposed to be spending most of its time without its backpack?

I should note that the articulation in the neck of the Justice is exceptional which will allow you to pose this guy looking up into the sky as he flies.

Build Design: 8.5/10

As the Justice is so similar to the Aile and Freedom kits I’ll start this portion of the review talking about the biggest difference – the backpack. In a word, it’s amazing and could possibly be the best part of the build.

It is designed to expand allowing the Justice to ride it.

This is accomplished by the use of little pegs on the top of the backpack.

These work very well in conjunction with the design of the Justice’s feet.

Even the areas where the Justice will stand has moveable flaps.

The thrusters are just a simple ball and socket connection which means they can point in almost any direction.

And to move those giant wings one simply has to rotate them 90 degrees and slide them enough so that they align with the hollows found on the side of the backpack and then push them in to secure them.

The turrets and cannons on the backpack also move.

When in its flight mode the piece used to connect to the Justice fits snugly in the underside of the backpack.

Then it’s simply a matter of pulling it out to get it to attach to the Justice.

Seems amazing, doesn’t it? Well, the backpack is. Conversely, there are some areas of the Justice suit itself that are a bit of a let down. One such area is the construction of the side armor.

These are designed to hold the Beam Saber handles. Simply lift the flap and slide in the beam saber handle.

Sounds simple enough, however, because the fit is so tight if I had the wrong alignment, which is actually pretty easy to do considering the parts you’re working with are so small and you can’t really see what you’re doing, the beam saber handle would actually push against the inside of the armor pieces causing the whole side skirt assembly to start to come apart.

Another area of disappointment is the design for connecting the top and bottom halves of the Justice together.

The top half is made to easily slide down into the lower half but in a way it’s too easily done. It’s lacks strength, and I often found my RG Justice looking like this.

It’s easy to fix this when it happens but constant re-occurences can be frustrating.

And one big miss from Bandai is the lack of stickers for the sensors on the head.

Bandai doesn’t supply anything for these clear pieces. See for yourself.

Coolest engineering found on the Justice? The shoulders.

This assembly easily pops out of the shoulder and opens up.

And this is where those small effect parts come in.

I should say that the design fails a bit when it comes to the suit standing with the backpack attached. The backpack is simply too heavy to be supported by the RG frame. Bandai seems to have realized this and included several options for stand parts.

Fun Factor: 8.5/10

The backpack is immensely enjoyable to assemble as you get to see Bandai’s great design coming together in your hands. The Suit though is so much like the Aile and Freedom that perhaps a bit of the novelty has worn off. I still had a great time with it, just like any other Real Grade.

Extras: 9/10

The previously shown effect parts are great and because you’re dealing with that monstrous backpack Bandai has included several different stand adaptors. You also get the extra hands that started appearing in RG kits after the release of the Aile Strike and you even get this tiny, yet incredibly detailed, figure.

I don’t even need to mention all those stickers that Bandai generously provides.

Some might feel that the RG Justice is more of the same after the Aile and Freedom RG kits but because this line is so stellar that isn’t necessarily a bad thing and that backpack is unlike any other 1/144 scale plamo you’ve ever assembled. If you’re a SEED fan or just like great kits then give it a chance to win you over.

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  1. Mathias says:

    For me the biggest win about this guy is that it can actuall stand on the Fantum backpack in a secure fashion. I did not expect the model to have a feature like that when they first announced it!

    • Dan says:

      I second that thought! It is great to see Bandi put in the engineering to do that and I think that makes up for some of the engineering issues on the actual suit. I would personally buy the kit just to have the suit posed standing on the Fantum backpack. I have built plenty of kits with massive backpacks attached to the back of the suit. It’s nice to have a change that looks good.

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    I actually like the white horn on its head. It goes well with the two white shoulder pieces jutting out of the nameless colored body. Also did you have trouble keeping the top and bottom pieces of the jets together?

  3. Sam says:

    Hey Syd, when you put the top and bottom halves together, did you hear the ‘pa-chin’ that snaps them into place? I had the same issue with my RG Freedom, but upon building the Justice, I realised there’s a snap fit that locks it in place. Went back to my Freedom and used more strength than usual, heard the satisfying click, and voila, they no longer come apart when posing. That said, could also be that your kit has a loose fit. Just my 2 cents!

  4. Tony says:

    When you review a kit is it after the test build or is this after the whole deal – glue, paint, etc?

    • syd says:

      I review after the test build and before I do any modifications.

    • Tony says:

      Oh yeah, new to the site, just getting back into Gunpla after about 4-5 years. Working on D-Hell Custom now, going all black with red accents. Trying my hand at puttying, since I’m going all black and therefore don’t really need to worry about painting different colors around it. Also, what glue do you recommend? I use Testor’s non-toxic Liquid Cement for Plastic Models, to varying degrees of success. Sometimes it smooths out really nice, but maybe the other 1/2 – 2/3 of the time it seems to eat away a bit too much plastic, hence trying my hand at putty (just bought Tamiya white like an hour ago).

  5. Ryan says:

    Great review Syd, once again you have convinced me to go out and purchase an RG kit, not that i needed much convincing, Freedom and Justice are my favorite Gundam team, i really really hope they complete the set and make an RG Providence.

    Plenty of RG potential right there! I know your unsure about the Cockatiel head, i like it personally. I think their logic behind it was that Justice was intended to be the commander unit of the 3.

    The clips to fasten the feet to the Fantum backpack is a fantastic addition, once again bandai are showing they put time and care into these kits, may it continue!

    • Ryan says:

      Actually Syd, im at a crossroads here, i can buy either a RG Strike, or an RG Justice. Not both until i get paid.

      Id love the RG strike as i have a HG, MG and a PG strike and id love to complete the set.

      But at the same time, i also have a RG Freedom, and a Justice would be a great partner for the set.

      What would you, and anyone else who reads this recomend i get first?

      • ClayCannonII says:

        Get the strike because its a great kit plus it would be awesome to put it next to your other strikes.

      • Bocalt says:

        Get the Justice, the strike can always wait at this point 😉 and just get the strike + the RG skygrasper then
        You got enough stands for all those guys though?

      • Ryan says:

        id planned on ordering my stand at the same time, my ebay seller does them too and he is very reasonable with his pricing. Im just gonna wait til payday this week and get both 🙂

  6. Kikomachi_02 says:

    I don’t have any trouble with my justice’s torso. Actually, the top and bottom halves are pretty tight together. I guess you have to press it down harder.

    • Ral Zarek says:

      Yeah. I found that you have to push it down pretty hard until the clip locks, and then it will never come apart again.

  7. Shi says:

    Great kit, I guess my freedom RG can also stand on the backpack!

    Good reviews syd! 😀

  8. Yzak says:

    hey Syd,while doing the backpack, do you have any trouble getting the sides to snap together?Mine seems to not stay in place and there is the gap,which is pretty visible.How do you solve this?

  9. Bocalt says:

    Heum would have loved a few comparison elements between this RG and the MG Infinite Justice considering you have built both.

  10. Lau says:

    Hi syd, can you recommend what color of panel line is good for the rg justice?.. Is grey better than black on this kit?..

  11. michael says:

    you have point men.. bandai should do something how to make their rg’s stand better, specially the freedom and justice.. but i think it’s not a big problem.. important thing is that it can make a lot of action modes with the use of “stands”, and that is the most exciting part.. also u can use the “stands” as support for their standby modes(stand mode).. not bad for us but too bad for those who don’t have these “stands”..

  12. brian says:

    I don’t like justice colour…..I already bought this one, and found out that there is deactivated version…..I found that the colour is so cool, so I decided to repainted my justice with three tone, white, gray, and black, since it called “justice”, any suggest what paint? note: will be my 1st project 😀

  13. Robin says:

    Hey Syd, quick question about this kit.
    Do you know if the Mobile Suit standing on the backpack can be mounted on a stand?

  14. Mike says:

    Hey Syd, I’m stuck man.

    I can’t decide whether or not to get the Destiny RG or Justice RG. I’m a huge fan of the Justice, but I heard that the Destiny clearly outperforms the Justice. Could you recommend which of the 2 are better?

    • S2 says:

      The Destiny is a far better kit, in my opinion. I really like the Destiny but the Justice didn’t touch me the same way.

  15. Willy says:

    Hey Syd,

    Got back into building backlogged kits recently, and along with that looking up reviewers such as yourself – I was reading your reviews dating back to 2011 and appreciate all the work you put into these, so thank you.

    This might be a little after the fact, but I feel it’s rather important to mention – with the older RGs, the top and bottom halves, or more specifically the side skirt frame and the waist frame, actually snap together. It’s rather difficult to do and I only realized this when I was going through some half-finished kits and saw the indicator in the instructions, but that click is unmistakable and once you hear it, those frame parts will never separate (the top half can still detach via the torso peg, obviously). I noticed this with my own RG Justice/Freedom/Strike Freedom kits. Hope this helps if you still have any RGs flopping around/in half.

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