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[Sunny wrote me some time ago about submitting for the Reader Submission section but I had to humbly ask him to be patient as there were other people waiting in front of him. Well, Sunny, it’s your time to shine!]

This is the HG Strike Noir 1/144, I picked this up when I was in Japan all those years ago when this was just released. At the time I didn’t build any kits anymore, I just bought them and piled up the boxes at home. It wasn’t until with the release of the RG Line that I started to build kits again.

I really enjoyed building this kit and I have to say that the Strike Kits are really well put together. The build was easy and the instructions were easy to follow.

The kit came had some extras like a stand and that bendy wire for the flying spike. I love how this kit has so many weapons, with the twin guns, the twin blades attached on the backpack, the two guns on the backpack and the flying spike weapon, you can do a number of poses.

The articulation and balance of this kit is really good, the backpack looks big and cumbersome, but it’s not back heavy and is well suited for positioning. I sprayed the kit with a Tamiya paint cans, they were : flat black, gunship grey, gunmetal for the frame, for the red i used mica red and gundam marker yellow for the yellow accents.

I did the panel lines with a Copic graphics multiliner 0,05mm. I’m now tempted to get the MG version of this kit and go to town with it.

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  1. GunplaFan says:

    I’ve been wanting a Strike Noir for a while now. This makes me want it a LOT more now.

  2. GunplaFan says:

    I’ve been wanting a Strike Noir for a while now. This makes me want it a LOT more now. But first, I’m gonna build my Avalanche Exia. 😉

  3. Ryan says:

    Have both the 1/144 and the MG of this Gundam, the MG is a great looking kit, but id urge giving him a stand to make the most of those wings.

  4. Jonny says:

    Only thing that puts me off buying this kit is the kitty cat whiskers on the face…might get it and use a spare Strike face.

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