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My next session with the Buster Gundam was meant to assemble the legs and complete the suit, but I was enjoying myself to much to stop there and went ahead and finished everything. Here are the pics.

Pretty much these feet are exactly the same as those found on the Duel and Blitz.

Forgot this piece in the last shot.

The ankle armor was simple yet a little tricky.

The piece for the front armor fits into a little square found on the underside of the side armor parts. While fitting one is no problem, fitting the second and attaching it to the peg wasn’t as easy as you would think it would be. If you put the three armor parts together first and then try to attach it to the pegs on the frame you have to be careful because the armor parts aren’t that flexible and you could stress the plastic. On the other hand, if you put the side parts on the peg first, lining up the front part properly can be tough because it’s hard to see where the pieces should be going.

This should look very familiar to everyone.

Here is frame part that sticks out from the knee. It features a hinge joint which you won’t see on the other kits.

The parts for either side of the lower leg frame differ from the other two recent SEED MGs and are nicely detailed so you can add some touches with gundam marker if you would like.


I like that pointed look for the armor on the side of the legs.

This little assembly fits onto the back of the leg.

The knee armor.

And of course that trusty hip joint.

In a comment on a picture I posted on facebook, someone asked if parts fall off. Well, the answer to that is ‘Yes.’

This small part that fits onto the bottom of the back of the leg always falls off.

Now for the skirt.

This little clear part is meant for the front center block but I don’t want to take a chance of losing it so I’ll just leave it off the test build.

You can see where it would fit right here.

Here are the parts for the rear skirt assembly.

The skirt up to this point.

When I first assembled the side skirts I thought I had made a mistake.

Isn’t that little C-joint meant to be on the inside?, I thought.

But the answer is nope. Looking at the side skirt frame part from the side you can see the second C-joint hidden underneath.

Now for the K runner, aka those big guns.

Some pieces on that runner come in sets of four.

First the 94mm High Energy Beam Rifle

Start off by taking the hollow green part and adding some frame parts to it.

Here are the largest parts of the entire build.

Plus a little clear part. Careful! Don’t lose it.

Add the barrel and the first handle.

then another handle.

Look at the size of that thing (someone who is female said at one time).

Next is the 350mm Gun Launcher. Sound painful.

Assemble is pretty much the same.

More handles.

There they are.

The assembly used to connect these big weapons to the suit is quite unique and well done.

It feature multiple joints and swivels.

They connect to the previously mentioned side skirt quite easily but stay firm.


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    “Boom!” That’s another thing said female mentioned one time

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    Hi Syd,

    What are your first impressions of this build and MG ?
    I ask this because i hear alot of : BEST MG 2012

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