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Ya, I was away from work sick on Thursday, which meant I had to wait until Friday to get my hands on the newest MG, the Buster Gundam. And I still felt like crap on Friday but that didn’t stop me from starting on it as soon as dinner was finished Friday evening.

Of course, this kit is a variation of the same kit/frame that is used on the Duel Gundam and on the Blitz. So in a way I feel I am just repeating myself with a lot of what I’ll write about, so I’ve decided to keep the text short and simple, but everyone (just like me) wants to see it so I’ve got the pictures.

The torso frame assembles just like the Blitz which I am very familiar with because I’ve been putting it together and taking it apart often recently while I work on its paint job.

Especially this part with the armor for the sides of the torso. I just finished masking and painting those on the Blitz (little plug for an upcoming post).

The cockpit hatch was a little fidgety on the Blitz because it used two armor pieces but for the Buster there’s no worry at all. It fits together quite securely and is easy to open and close.

The backpack is quite different from the last two SEED MGs that were released.

I like how these go together. Even by using some Gundam marker on the end of the little pegs on the frame part you will be able to add detail to these little thrusters.

Here’s everything else needed for the backpack.

Again, adding details with paint or gundam markers will be easy on the Buster thanks to how they’ve designed some little things. The circular piece fits onto the other piece by the hollow in the center so by putting a little color on the other piece you’ll get a good effect.

Onto the head and that assembles pretty easily, though you need to be careful.

Make sure the alignment is correct for the facemask part otherwise you’ll never get the head armor parts to close together properly.

And be careful not to lose these tiny pieces!

The Blitz’s v-fin has a tendency to fall off but Buster’s isn’t going anywhere.

Next the arms and they are identical so you assemble both at the same time.

I’m going to have to play around with the arms a bit more to see what they are supposed to be doing.

What I mean is, if you bend the arm past a certain point the armor for the lower arm starts to separate. This isn’t a big deal as many kits are designed to allow this to happen. What happens on the Buster, however, is that the large armor part for the front of the arm fall, or more accurately, be pushed off by the bending elbow.

The shoulders are big and chunky. Just how I like shoulders (on giant robots, only).

This little hollow is supposed to be filled with a clear part. Not wanting to risk losing such a part I left it off of the test build.

Does it remind anyone else of the Heavy Arms? 😉

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Very nice Syd. I want Wednesday to get here so I can start it

  2. Asian1skill says:

    the buster is looking very sexy. haha i think i like this one the most among all the seed mg’s recently released. will u be doing custom paint job on this kit as well?

  3. NoobSauce says:

    Actually your paintjob for the heavyarms reminded me of the buster. 😛

  4. Ryan says:

    Hope they do a mg verde buster, one of the best looking gundams in the seed franchise!

  5. Jay says:

    Building this kit right now and I must say that the upper body is rather looking sexy. Bulky but sexy in the sense a robot can go. Loving this kit right now!

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