Gaijin Gunpla

For those who don’t know Oh! is one of Girls’ Generation’s first hits back when they solely sang in Korean. When I first was introduced to these dazzling ladies it was with the Genie Japanese version and the only other videos I could find were in Korean, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying, probably too much, the original Oh! video. Well, I’m glad to see that they have taken that song and updated it with Japanese lyrics (so I have a chance to understand what they’re singing) but also with their more mature (and gorgeous faces).

I would like to welcome Sunny back to the domain of the indescribably cute now that she’s given up on the blonde hair (for this video at least). You’ve never looked better, Sunny!

If you want to see the original Oh! music video, go ahead.

They sure have changed.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Oh my!!!

  2. NoobSauce says:

    I echo your statement about Sunny losing the blonde. She looks “fresher.” Also chalk 1 up for Hyoyeon for escaping her horrid hair-stylist from the original Oh! video.

  3. AL says:

    If there’s anyone that can resolve the territorial dispute between Japan and Korea, it’s gonna be SNSD!

  4. AL says:

    The girls are promoting hard on Japanese tv recently. Now I really wish I could live in Japan……

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