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To start this review I have a little confession to make. I wasn’t that interested in the 1/100 MG Buster Gundam. Having built the Duel and the Blitz, both of which I thought were cooler looking suits, the desire to build the Buster wasn’t too high. In the end I picked up the Buster Gundam because, hey, it’s an MG and I gotta get my MG fix and I’m glad I did.

Overall Look: 9.5/10

The Buster shares a lot of elements with the Duel, which is to be expected, but in the areas where it differs it actually is a step up from the Duel, in my opinion. I like the armor on the side of the lower legs over that of the Duel, and the Blitz, and those large shoulders aren’t out of proportion with the rest of the suit. The all-important arms used for the weapons (which will be talked about in more detail later) don’t stand out, but instead complement the look of the torso and probably the best part of this suit design is that it look great both with and without the weapons in the stationary position on its back.

Colors: 9.5/10

Loving the green and the reddish-orange and even the cream color for the majority of the lower part of the suit works great and is a refreshing change from white. I think all SEED suits get bonus points for not being red/white/yellow/blue (except for you, Strike Gundam). I would have liked to see more use of color on the weapons just to break them up a bit considering they are huge, and if Bandai could have made the shoulder missiles a different color it would have been a better effect but it’s not a problem for any Gunplar to paint those.

Weapons: 10/10

How can you not love these things? A 94mm High Energy laser Rifle and a 350mm Gan Launcher?!

No beam sabers? No shield? No problem. These two big bad boys more than make up for any lack of trifling little weapons. And they combine!

As the weapons are such a huge part of the build design appeal of this kit we’ll talk about them more later.

Articulation: 9/10

I originally thought that posing this thing with those giant weapons on its back would prove difficult but that is actually not the case. Thanks to the design of the arms holding the weapons you can move them out of the way allowing you to assume wider stances.

The only real area where articulation can be difficult is in the shoulder where that giant block runs up against the head and also the part on the side of the shoulder where, much like the Duel, the arm movement is hindered.

The side skirt movement is limited because of those weapon arms so you will reach a stopping point when moving the legs out sideways but you probably aren’t going to need to go to that large a stance when posing this guy.

And something just for fun.

The most articulate part of the kit, those weapon arms of course!

Build Design: 10/10

The new MG SEED kits are all designed very well, but the Buster outdoes them all. Sure the suit is pretty much the same as the Duel and Blitz but what sets Buster above the pack are those weapon arms I’ve mentioned several times already.

So now we get to talking about them.

They feature five points of articultion (six if you want to count the ball joint) and basically allow the Buster to do what it needs to do to be awesome; namely hold those two badass weapons. They attach to the back of the backpack securely thanks to the a little peg but that is all that is needed to keep Busters weapons securely mounted when not in use.

When it comes time for Buster to break out those bad boys the arms detach from the backpack and thanks to the articulation are moved into different positions.

Swing them forward like this and you can have Buster holding the one weapon, or both if you do the same to the other side, out in front of him.

And of course you can combine the two weapons into one ridiculously long weapon. There are actually two different versions of the long weapons depending on which whether you have the 94mm High Energy laser Rifle or 350mm Gan Launcher first.

So when you want Buster to use the 超高インパルス長射程狙撃ライフル

you move the arms into this position.

Then you can use the extra hand parts to grip the handles and you’re all set.

When Buster’s using the 対装錮鵜甲散弾砲

you move the arms into this position.

(I love this pose. Makes it look like this weapon weighs a ridiculous amount and even Buster has to use all his strength to hold it.)

The design of the weapons work fantastic along with the arms thanks to the inclusion of four little handles, each with a groove which allows you to fit the extra hand parts.

Because of how these weapon arms are designed there’s no worry about the hands or arms dipping from the weapon weight. Everything is supported by the weapon arms mounted to the suit.

This fantastic set up allows you to use these weapons to their fullest with or without a stand.

It’s an excellent design that was so simple for Bandai to implement.

The only real gripe I have with the design is found on the back of the lower leg.

This small armor piece will fall off every time you handle the kit. The fit is a little too lose. After a while I just kind of gave up and left the back armor part off while posing the kit.

Fun Factor: 10/10

Sure the design is the same as the Duel/Blitz but where those arms push this guy ahead of the other two (and a good many other kits). It’s just so simple to build but so much fun to use that you’ll find yourself playing with the Buster much more than you originally would have thought.

Extras: 7/10

Actually, there’s not much in the way of extras but in the case of the Buster there is really no need for them. The molded hands are fine because the weapon arms do all the work. You also get a generous amount of markings and the standard two pilot figures.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I build almost every MG that comes down the pipe I might have missed the Buster and that would have been a tragedy. The Buster, though similar in many ways to its SEED peers, stands above them. Buster’s the best!

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  1. Ben says:

    great review now i cant wait to order one with the aegis (hope that one will be good but i have my doubts because it looks so akward…)

  2. Bocalt says:

    (2nd Ben here) My fears have now completely disappeared and confirm my hopes that it is (so far) the best MG this year and will not suffer “the only one pose” that ended the heavyarms career on my shelf), shame it will need to be restocked before I get myself one of those- is it possible for the Duel to wield it(the weapon) like in the anime finale?

  3. Jonny says:

    Bustin’ makes me feel good!

  4. ClayCannonII says:

    Man I love this kit I’m glad I held out for it. It’s so sexy

  5. Mathias says:

    Oh great! I wasn’t interested in it as well because I already have the 1/100 NG Buster but now I want it… Thanks a lot, Syd! >:C
    I was really curious about it though. I knew that this kit would either succeed or fail because of those weapon arms. The big guns are the Buster’s main feature, if those suck because you cant move them properly then the whole kit sucks. But I am glad to hear that they didn’t just succeed, they nailed it perfectly as far as I can see!

  6. ClayCannonII says:

    Wouldn’t there be 7 points of articulation if you include the ball joint AND the hip attachment?

  7. LaserBeam says:

    I don’t like that much, the color is good to me. It’s rather look like HG qualiy than MG. Only the size that matter. Maybe you can brush it later to a better & nice color Syd.

  8. Meister says:

    bought it after saw it being displayed…no particular posing, just standing there with the two weapons behind…just badass enough. After see your website, feel like assembling it fast…but it still has to wait, because I’m finishing my MG Unicorn

  9. Wing-Zero says:

    Great Review, Mr. Syd!!!!! You were really sure Buster outdoes them all
    Also, special mention to Bandai……Specially the Gunpla brainstormers or maybd Junichi Akutsu
    One thing keeps crawling at my mind : Is that even a ver.rm kit ?
    Still, I love Master Grade Aile Strike GUNDAM ver.rm

  10. My local hobby shop actually has one in stock. Here’s hoping I can get the $40 to buy it before someone else does…

  11. Vincent says:

    Hi Mate,

    Have been visiting your website regularly since I started to delve deeper into the world of Gunpla.

    Anyway, a quick question. How tall is the MG Buster Gundam upon built?

    Buster Gundam MG is my very first Master Grade and I need to know if this fella can fit into my display shelf…

    • S2 says:

      Oh that’s a tough one as my Buster is packed away in box at the bottom of another box of Gundam kits and in stuck in the back of the closet. I’ll link you to an image which tries to show size compared to a regular (I think) pack of Korean cigarettes. I remember it does seem tall due to the way the weapons are mounted on the back.

  12. rakiterreges says:

    Great review, thanks… mine is still waiting to be build.

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