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Has it been a year already? Seems like I was just at Makuhari for a Hobby Show but I must be thinking of the Chara Hobby event. Yesterday was the first day of the 52nd All Japan Hobby Show and because it’s my job (hehe) I was there for the grand opening. As they opened the doors after the ribbon cutting ceremony I immediately made my way to the Bandai booth and encountered this rather large display.

Bandai had set up quite the display to showcase their new Real Grade Zeta kit.

And what a kit it is! They had the runners on display.

And the markings.

And it goes without saying it they had the Zeta in both its suit and Waverider forms.

Way back when, I expressed hope that Zeta would be RG number 3 and many people at the time expressed concern that it wouldn’t be able to transform. Well, Bandai made it number 10 and they pulled off the transformation.

Also revealed is a little RG booklet that will be included in the first wave of Zeta releases.

November can’t come fast enough!

After taking in the Zeta, I had a decision to make; Go left and see the Kishiyama-san displaying the MG Nu Gundam or go right and see the other new kits Bandai had lined up. I decided to leave the Nu to the end and check out the others goodies first. First thing I saw…

MG Banshee Titanium Finish!

Bandai snuck this guy in under our noses. Why had I not heard of it before? Many may remember that Bandai released a Titanium Finish of the original Unicorn Ver. Ka. That kit is long gone now but occasionally you will see it in a store in Akihabara or elsewhere for somewhere around 25,000 yen! If you don’t want to pay that kind of money for a Banshee Titanium in the future you’ll have to fork out the cash for the kit when it releases. Bandai has priced it at 12,000 yen. Wowsers. Despite it being in a case with lights cast all over it from different directions I have to say the Titanium Finish looks really good. Really, really good. On the Ver. Ka Titanium you could occasionally see little swirls from where the coating they applied had pooled. On the black you notice none of that. Well, I didn’t from where I stood, anyway.

Right beside the Titanium Banshee was this beauty.

HG Delta Kai

I have to confess that I’m not too interested in HG kits these days. MGs were my first love and the Real Grade kits are so amazing that the High Grade kits get the short end of the stick but this Delta Kai looks like a kit not to miss. It does help that it’s a Delta, a suit that has an amazing look, and the additions on the Kai make this look like it could be the best HG of the latter part of 2012 or maybe even the whole year.

After the Delta Kai was a prototype for a suit I didn’t even know existed.

HG Rosen Zulu

If you’re a Zulu fan/collector than you have to pick this guy up. Though it’s only a prototype you can see that Bandai has got something going on (aka gimmick) when it comes to that hand. Or maybe they just had a problem with the proto but needed to get in on display for the show. We’ll find out more soon enough, I’m sure.

Next up…

HGUC Byarlant Custom

Another HG which might not get the attention it deserves next to the new RGs and MGs, the Byarlant Custom actually looks pretty good. There’s going to be plenty of plastic due to its large size and it looks like it will lead to some really cool modified versions. I’m interested to see what the pros come up with based on the Byarlant.

Then we came to a kit I knew was coming and coming soon. This month to be exact.

The MG Aegis Gundam! Though limited in size the display for the Aegis was cool, with a large version of that great box art.

And the current SEED MGs all together.

When you think about it, the MG SEED kits all released in the last year have been fantastic. Will the Aegis live up to my high expectations?

It does transform which, depending on the engineering involved, could be a really good thing or the opposite.

I think it has the potential to be the best SEED MG yet.

Beside the SEED display was the Endless Waltz Wing display. Of course, they had all the Wing MGs on display but there was something else there which caused a crowd to gather around.

An MG Tallgeese I EW!

Yes, coming in January, all those who desperately wanted a Tallgeese to go with their other Wing kits will get their wish granted.

Though it was a prototype Bandai did show a little of what we can expect from this kit.

This was the biggest buzz at the Bandai booth.

Continuing along the right side wall of the Bandai exhibit I came to some Gentei!

HG Unicorn Destroy Mode Green Frame, and a Real Type Color Zaku I knew about, but it looks like the ‘mystery kit’ that Bandai had mentioned for the event is going to be a Extra Finish RG Freedom. The shiny finishes on the Knight Gundam and HG AGE-3 Normal looked pretty good, too. Apparently kits from the Chara Hobby 2012 event will also be at the Gundam Expo. Nice.

Next I went to the kit I was most excited to see at the show. The MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka that is coming in December.

Some have expressed disappointment that there is no Perfect Grade coming out this year, but I think the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka, being the big release of 2012, is more than a suitable replacement.

Kishiyama san was behind the display equipped with a microphone and small camera and informing everyone what to expect from this kit.

First of all, let me say this – This kit looks amazing.

It actually looks better than I thought it would. I listened to Kishiyama as he showed off the various design elements. Bandai had also put up a big display listing some of the highlights of this kit.

Double Fin Funnel. Fin Funnel gimmick. A special base.

Looks to me like it’s going to be the base from the MG Hi-Nu with different plastic parts allowing you to play with the fin funnels.

Full action manipulators (hands).

These are actually PG manipulators. Kishiyama san made a point to say that the new Manipulators for the MG Nu will be more articulate than those from previous PG kits.

Compatible with Bandai’s LED to light up the eyes.

You will be able to put it into the chest, like the Qan[T] and Raiser, and the light will project upwards and shine out through the eyes.

Water slide markings! Ver. Ka markings no less. Looks like, come December, I’ll be taking a trip back to Decal Hell (where I have a reserved parking space).

There’s also another secret about the MG Nu Gundam to be revealed at the Gundam Expo. I can’t wait. And I can’t wait until December’s release date for this bad boy.

At the Nu Exhibit they had the other Ver. Ka kits on display.

You can see the previous Nu and MG Sazabi in the back there. Wait a second! Does that mean we will see a Sazabi Ver. Ka?!

Reluctantly I had to tear myself away from Nu Exhibit to check out the rest of the left side of the Bandai exhibit which apparently was the Gundam AGE side. They had a display with the current AGE MGs including the AGE-2 Dark Hound

Unfortunately, the display rotated so getting a good picture of the Dark Hound was not easy.

Stop rotating!

I think it looks cool but will need to see a non-rotating version in order to confirm that.

After that was the wall of upcoming AGE HG. The pictures were self-explanatory so I’ll let them do the talking.

I had to check out the rest of the exhibits on the floor in order to plan for photography and video for the day so I bid goodbye to Bandai for the time being and saw some other stuff. I can’t say the other products on display were as exciting as what Bandai had but there was some cool stuff to be found. Especially at the Tokyo Marui exhibit.

Coming soon, an MP5K. This thing shoots 25 pellets a second.

And the newest addition to Tokyo Marui’s catalogue, the Heckler and Koch 416 assault rifle.

I also saw this.

What are you selling here? Whatever it is, I am interested. Oh, motorcycle models.

I’ll take one of each.

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  1. Syberio says:

    interesting vibes 😉

    the Nu looks so amazing T__T and with that price tag, it’s normal they include the base ^^

  2. GunplaFan says:

    I’m so torn between RG Zeta and MG Nu. I am very low on funds right now, so I can only get one. But which one?

  3. bast87 says:

    In the 3rd pic from the top (the RG zeta inner frame runner), I can see a blue part in the back that looks so much like the Hyper Mega Launcher, is that also included with the RG Zeta? 😀

  4. ClayCannonII says:

    I want that Tallgeese

  5. AL says:

    Nov – RG Zeta
    Dec – MG Nu Ver. Ka
    Jan – MG Tallgeese
    My pocket’s gonna hurt x.x

    btw, the thighs of the Tallgeese look a bit big to me. I wonder if the prototype is final.

    • ClayCannonII says:

      Have to remember that the Tallgeese is the EW Ver

      • Tony says:

        True – I kinda wish they’d leave the designs alone for once… I preferred some of the originals over the EW retcon redesigns… especially the Deathscythe… think the EW redesign just looks, I dunno, odd. But still, better than nothing! Now to start building MGs and the Wing MGs in general… (in the paint planning stage of a custom painted HG Wing Zero Custom now)

      • Jeff says:

        While that is true, the Tallgeese was originally designed by Katoki, so there’s likely to be very few differences.

  6. Erik Fury says:

    Hey, Syd! Thanks for taking the time to post pics of the show. I was wondering because I noticed on the hand display it said they were 1/60 size. Does that mean the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka is larger than most MG kits or did they make it that size so it was easier to see on display? Is it the size of a Perfect Grade? Lastly, did you notice anything new about that frame? Are those ball and socket joints I’m seeing?

    • syd says:

      Hi Erik,

      The 1/60 size you saw refers to those big hands in that picture. They were comparing the 1/60 PG hands to the new 1/100 hands that will be used on the Nu Gundam Ver. Ka. The Nu they had on display was the 1/100 scale MG. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary with the frame. I expect that it will be much like the MG Sinanju frame was as both kits are rather large and have heavy limbs/backpacks.

      • Jeff says:

        I just hope that the connection between the torso and hips is stronger than the Sinanju’s, since that part broke on mine.

  7. Dan says:

    Can’t wait for the Tallgeese!! I have wanted an MG Tallgeese since they started the EW line.
    And NU Gundam looks fantastic. If they didn’t pull out all the stops on NU Gundam then it would be a disappoint not seeing a new PG. But the thing looks really good, Bandi made a good choice.

  8. Kyle says:

    Awesome I was hoping to hear something about a Tallgeese. The prototype looks pretty cool, can’t wait to see a finished product. Nu Gundam is definitely worth the wait. It is probably my favorite Gundam.

  9. Mike says:…awesome.
    Can’t wait for Aegis, Nu and the tallgeese.

    Sad that I can’t get Tokyo Marui’s anymore cause that M416 looks sick.

  10. Bocalt says:

    Gosh at least next year there well be less interesting stuff to buy, right? oh please Bandai this year was pretty sweet but kinda hard on the wallet.

  11. Nacho-wan says:

    A MG ver ka Sazabi. That would be so wicked Bandai! I’ll have so sell a part of my liver to bring that to Costa Rica.

    As much as like the Nu Gundam and Katoki designs, I would pass on this one. It is way too complex/expensive. What would be the secret? Green glow in the dark? Black light feature?

  12. cipher says:

    i need a job for buying all these plamo

  13. Chris says:

    I pre ordered the MG Nu as the Zeta 2.0 is enough for me …. for now. MG Tallgeese is going to be a must. I just wish they would announce the bloody Sazabi it is torture.

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