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It’s been a while since I’ve written about the work I’ve been doing on the Buffalo Sabre themed MG Blitz. That is mostly because the weather can’t decide whether it wants to typhoon or merely just pour rain. I have occasionally been granted with some weather that could be called sunshine and it was in those moments that I got some painting done. While waiting for the clear weather I masked the pieces that would be two (or more) colors.

The top pieces for the shoulder armor needed to be painted white and then masking applied over the areas I wanted to remain white. The Buffalo Sabres black jersey has some white stripes near the shoulders. The side armor pieces were first painted red and then masked over before being painted silver.

These go along with the piece I had painted completely white.

With combine the the shoulders and I think I’ve pulled off the look of the jersey.

I have already written and shown how I wanted to change the wings on the Blitz and replace them with those from the HG Sinanju. Well, I have done just that but I didn’t just replace the Blitz wings completely but instead used only the largest Sinanju wing part and combined that with the Blitz wings.

The Buffalo Sabres jersey incorporates black, white, red, silver in that order. So that is what I wanted to do with the colors on the Blitz. Black, white, red, silver, then black again. On the wings, there were enough parts to do it perfectly.

Black, white, red, silver, and black again.

When it came to the lower half of the body I opted to go almost entirely with black and use the other colors sparingly. The design of the armor didn’t lend itself well to the color combination I successfully pulled off on the top part of the kit.

There was only one part that I felt comfortable masking.

And I even got around to working on the Glepnir.

And the other parts I forgot on the underside of the shield.

And the other night I also got out some decals which wasn’t something I originally planned on doing and posted it on facebook.

It poured rain last night and into this morning, but now the sun has just come out, so I’m going to end this post here and get outside and spray the last of the parts. Wish me luck.

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