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After returning from the 52nd All Japan Hobby Show my mind was filled with daydreams about all the great Gunpla coming in the next three months. But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. I’ve got some kits on the go that I should try to get done before those sweet kits start hitting the shelves (and my worktable). One such kit is the MG Gelgoog 2.0.

I’ve already built the torso and arm frames so now it’s time to assemble the shoulders and then start on the bottom half of the suit.

Here are the pieces for the shoulder frame. Notice that part on the top right?

That’s a poly-cap. First time I’ve seen one in that shape.

When I first started the assembly I wondered what these thin pieces were to be used for.

Well, it turns out they go between the torso and the shoulders, two on each side.

So now that I have a completed torso…

I can move onto the feet.

The huge feet. Man, these things are massive.

When it comes down to it they are just obese versions of the Zaku II 2.0 feet.

And the ankle assembly is similar as well.

The lower leg starts with these large (and blurry) frame parts.

Then the parts for the knee joint are added.

I really like the details you can see on this frame. That is why I picked this kit up in the first place.

A couple of parts for the upper leg frame. You can see how the one small part nestles between the larger parts. The fit is near perfect.

More frame.

And a familiar-looking hip joint.


Looks finished as far as frames go, doesn’t it? Well, that is not the case. Now I need these.


This large assembly fits onto the back of the lower leg.

Then is enclosed with two massive pieces of frame.

Those tiny parts you see in the shot…

Fit right in here.

Nice view!

The skirt frame also has some massive parts.

The design for the side skirt connectors are unique for MG kits. Normally you just see a ball joint molded onto the large frame parts but in the case of the Gelgoog 2.0 you can see the ball joint is on a smaller piece that is inserted into the frame giving the side skirts more play and freeing up those big legs a bit more.

The front skirt frames have a ball joint, which isn’t surprising, but they fit into a poly-cap rather than into the main skirt frame.

Makes me think of some kind of weird, short-nosed elephant.

Needs more thruster!

The thrusters fit onto these double ball-jointed frame parts.

Here are the thrusters for the skirt. Note the larger one in the center.

And this reminds me of a Gouf 2.0 hand!

The piece for the back of the skirt is large but can’t connect directly to the main frame assembly. for that it needs an extra piece.

Then the previously mentioned side skirts.

They actually line up really well.

Last, but not least…well, maybe it is least.

I didn’t consider it important at the time and doesn’t need to be there for the frame to function. This is the part that goes on the back of Gelgoog’s head. I left it off because it is supposed to go onto the head after some armor parts do and I wasn’t doing armor parts. But I noticed it can fit on fine without hurting anything so…

Last, and least, the head frame part thingy. Now Gelgoog looks like a ‘roided up robo-rooster.

Now that the frame is done I can start thinking about how I want to detail it.

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  1. Mark says:

    So syd, are you gonna paint the frame this time? 😛

  2. Mike says:

    Word of advice from experience -_-, if you plan on painting the hydrolics, sand them down. They’re such a tight fit that paint will scratch off if you move them.

  3. Asterisk says:

    Char’s Gelgoog was my first MG 2.0. It seriously blew me away with all the extra fancy bells and whistles. I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for this one.

  4. Tony says:

    Whatever happened to this build? Looking forward to seeing if/what you do to it.

  5. Panda says:

    wondr if there will be a review on this Gelgoog 2.0 :/

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