Gaijin Gunpla

Other than the AGE-1 Normal and the AGE-1 Titus I’ve laid off of the AGE-1 kits for the most part because the suit designs don’t interest me that much. However, there is an exception. The AGE-FX.

There’s something about this design I really like. It reminds of another suit that I have become a fan of (but won’t reveal just yet ’cause…). Or maybe I just like these.

Effect parts! Adding to the FX’s desirability; an included stand.

While at the moment I am still in deep building a car I have the odd moment around dinner time to do some plastic-robot test-building and the AGE-FX, being an HG found its way to my work table just prior to dinner.

Upon opening the manual…

I don’t recall seeing this type of (lame!) font in HG kits before. Is this something new I’ve missed while I’ve been building RGs? If you could read that (lame) fonted Katakana you would know that the AGE-FX build starts with the Core Fighter, or Coa Faitaaaaa, as it states in the manual.

First off the cockpit.

Then the wings.

Once you reach this part.

You build a couple of these.

After that it’s just a matter of putting everything together.

Then you put that to the side and start on the body.

Being an HG kit, which I am assuming almost everyone reading this has some experience with, there’s not much to describe when it comes to the assembly. Here is a torso.

But that’s only the top part of the torso. Next you have to assemble the bottom part.

Here is the face mask.

I’m not sure yet if I’m a fan of that panel line running laterally across it.

Basic HG Gundam head.

Still not sure about that panel line. If I panel line it too thick, will it look like a mustache? Or a closed mouth?

Next up are the shoulders.

Then the lower arms.

Then it’s the old poly-cap-inserted-into-hollow-upper-arm-armor design.


Lower arms.

With these done…

And now it’s dinner time. Time to put this guy away (at least until dinner is over).

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  1. Jay says:

    I wonder if they would make a Master Grade Version of this GunPla. If they will, I would definitely buy it…

    • Jeff says:

      Same here. I’m even holding off on the HG in hopes of a MG.

    • Brian says:

      They probably would since it was a pretty significant unit in the show, along with Legilis hopefully.

    • Bocalt says:

      Well that hg is pretty much complete and the stand and bits holder might not make it to a MG release (its not like the highly awaited new MG Nu Gundam), that big gun would be quite a problem on a MG release, add to that that I don’t think it sold as well as previous final Gundam(s): Freedom,Strike Freedom, QanT, 00 Raiser,etc… , the release rate of the Age MG has seriously slowed down and the order screwed up,hg fortress so late + Titus, Spallow and Age 2 normal were splendid hg kits but didn’t sell as well as expected by Bandai my guess) whereas the Dark Hound was a huge hit as a ag and hg kit among viewers of the show, fans of Asemu, and curious gunpla builders and for me the real “final” gundam, gosh it even defeated the Legillis and wasn’t destroyed in the last battle.

  2. Yuri Barbosa Ordeste says:

    Haha, lame looking font. When it comes to hiragana and katana I really like the straight forward fonts. Been reading dengeki hobby and really liking it 😀

  3. TimmyJ says:

    I am saving this kit for a day when I just want to build something simple. I have found that the HG age kits can be built in a couple of hours. Good way to calm down and relax.

    • Tony says:

      Bingo – That’s why I love ’em. They’re not exactly cutting edge, but guess what? Gunpla is Gunpla… Is Gunpla. Just ordered Action Bases for 2 of my HGs (Deathscythe Hell Custom and Wing Zero Custom EW kits… those damn heavy wings…. ) although as I build my 2 MGs they’ll more than likely relinquish the stands to those.

  4. Androcips says:

    In my country, this kit is kind of rare 🙁

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