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I got home last night with about forty minutes before I had to leave to head to the dojo. What to do with those 40 minutes. Oh, I know! MG Aegis! I know a lot of people are waiting to see WIPs of this kit and because of the unique design of the Aegis I tried to take as many pictures as I felt appropriate as this build is unlike the MG Blitz and Buster.

Before I show any plastic, I’ll show the stickers I forgot to show in the First Look post.

First step of the build incorporates the hatch parts.

Already it’s different! You can see the pilot figure already in side.

The next step is to sandwich these two armor piece around the little peg.

You thought those pegs were for attaching the arms, didn’t you?

Then you attach some piece to the bottom of those parts you just put on.

What is this I’m constructing?

You can see the range of movement in these parts.

Now for some oddly shaped frame parts.

Onto which you attach more frame parts.

(I like how that little arrow in the manual in the background looks like it’s directing me to slide the small part into the frame from the back, which is actually how it’s done.)

Frame parts for the bottom.

This still in no way resembles the frames from the Buster or Blitz.

Now for these little, um.. whatever they ares.

Oh, they go onto the side of that frame thing.

Some movement on these, as well.

So now I’ve got two sections assembled.

Now for the collar and neck.

Now for some rather large parts (plus poly-caps).

Then sandwich the neck assembly and you have this.

Now for some really long parts.

Nice detail!

You are meant to slide the long part into the poly-cap in the middle of the previous assembly approaching from the bottom.

This would prove to be a very important step.

Even bigger parts!

This large part slides on from the top over the white horn-like piece.

When I did it I ended up with this gap.

The awkward angle prevented me from applying a sufficient amount of pressure on the piece in order to close the gap so I resorted to a different strategy.

I disassembled everything and slid the pink parts on first and then meant to ‘close the sandwich’ but the parts wouldn’t line up properly.

It turns out the culprit is the poly-cap in the center.

When you slide the pink part into the poly-cap from the bottom as mentioned previously you can’t actually put the peg all the way into the poly-cap. I pushed the poly-cap down onto the peg and it eventually went into place with a loud noise.

However, with the poly-cap all the way down the parts again don’t line up. The way it was before had the poly-cap too high. After using force and pushing it down it was too low. I had to get in there with tools and move it upwards a bit.

That did the trick.

Up next, more pink pieces.

Now to combine the two sections.

First you have to insert the peg at the bottom of the front torso assembly into the poly-cap in the bottom of the backpack assembly.

Again a bit of force was required to get the peg into the proper position. With it in place you then tilt the backpack section forwards and it drops into place onto the front torso assembly.

But that’s not all. There’s another step that involves these little tabs.

You tilt the blue part down onto it and secure it in place.

And Pt. I is finished.

It was quite a bit of work to get this far and the torso isn’t even completed yet. In some ways, it didn’t feel like a Gundam at all. Looking forward to getting back to it tonight!

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  1. Mick says:

    Syd, you sure do your best to please your fans! Awesome wip, really looking forward to the next one.

  2. ClayCannonII says:

    Wip it. Wip it good

  3. ClayCannonII says:

    Wip it. Wip it good

  4. Shaomu/Nyanerius says:

    Is it just me or are there two pilots?

  5. Tony says:

    All the best of Japan – Gundam AND martial arts done right. You sir, are winning at life.

  6. Tony says:

    Unrelated, but figure this is the place this is most likely to be seen – anyone know if/where I can find a translation of the MG Shining Gundam instructions? I’ve found a translation of the color guide on Mech9, but this kit has a lot of info written into the instructions and uses itty-bitty screws in places and I know at some point I’m gonna run across something that throws me for a loop…. ok, so I already sort of did on the first step…

  7. Adrian says:

    Looking good. Construction looks weird even for a transformable, but I guess that’s just me. I just hope this one is more stable than most transformables (I’m looking at you, Delta Plus).

  8. Victor says:

    Now I’m getting excited about this WIP. I wish I could get one as well.

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