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So far I’ve already built only the torso but that was a bit of an adventure in itself. Now it’s time for the head and whatever else I can do in this session. Lots of pictures, folks!

I’ll just put this here.

First part of the head assembly involves the part for the back, a frame part, and the face mask including, of course, the tiny chin piece.

Be sure to put in the clear part!

Now the poly-cap.

Then stick on the face mask.

Slap on the head armor.

So far so good, but there seems to be a bit of a gap between the side armor pieces and I don’t know why.

Now for that little fin that juts out of Aegis’ head.

This too involves a clear part but I’m going to leave it off for now as I don’t wish to lose it.

You can see where it is supposed to go.

Slap that on there.

Step 1, pull it forward

Step 2, tilt fin back.

Now for these V fin parts though, at this stage, we can’t really call them V shaped.

Put those on there.

Followed by the final parts for the head.

Step 3, attach last part.

Step 4, tilt fin forward.

Step 5, push it back in place towards the rear.

Not bad.

Now it’s time for the shoulders and the first piece I need is this one.

When I first saw this on the runner I thought it was for the legs.

Add some movable parts.

Laying it in the proper position was a little tricky only because that very small piece needed to be at the proper angle.

Now for this little gadget.

Then you can close up the frame.

Then add the armor parts to both sides.

Bend the joint so the that triangular frame piece is out of the way.

And add the big top piece.

These two little parts combine.

Then lay inside a larger armor piece.

And we are done a shoulder.

Now for the arms and just like the shoulders they are both assembled at the same time. First the elbow joint.

You can see how the tiny poly-cap slides into the frame snugly.

Add the lower arm frame parts.

Poly-cap at the bottom for the hand which comes later.

Now for this thing (whatever it is).

Now for a frame part. Wait a minute. Four of them?

Then some small armor parts which attach using very small pegs. Fortunately, the fit is snug and they don’t fall out.

Attach this little movable part.

These now have to attach to the arms.

For that you use this armor piece.

Here I show you how that piece fits around the arm frame.

That piece can slide downwards extending the arm.

There’s even a tiny hollow in the side of the arm into which you place this little tab.


And you thought we were done. No way!

More frame parts!

These parts are small but even with big clumsy fingers I managed to get them together.

Now for the joints which will attach the arms to the torso.

No poly-caps here.

Then a couple armor parts hold these things together.

Followed by a couple of these.

That small circular protrusion fits perfectly into the hole in the side of the lower arm.

If you’ve done everything correctly so far you should have these assemblies.

So now you need to get them together.

It’s at this stage that the manual differentiates right from left. Yup. Only the hands.

At this point I noticed that I’d used half of the C runner.

Wait a second. The parts remaining on the runner look almost identical to the parts I just used for the arms.

And the same goes for the frame runner.

For the hands you are given the same generic runner that the previous MG SEED kits came with.

(though the Aegis runner is really blurry.)

A lot of these parts on the D runner aren’t used in the Aegis assembly so you get some freebies for your parts bin.

As I just wrote, the hands are just like the previous SEED MG’s.

So now I’ve got a couple fully assembled arms.

Remember, no shoulder peg sticks out of the Aegis torso.

You’ve got to plug in the arms you just built.

Phew, I need a break.

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  1. Tony says:

    Phew is right… my brain is tired just reading through all that… this is one seriously complex kit by the looks of it. Doesn’t help that I’m totally foreign to Seed (a matter of taste… as in my taste made me stop even trying to watch Seed). Even the head on this thing is crazy. Also, a building question – have you ever heard of or used something called a spudger? I’ve heard other Gunpla bloggers mention it being really useful, I think it’s handy for getting pieces separated without damaging them, or something like that.

  2. Victor says:

    That was one complex build. Now I’m looking forward to build one myself.

  3. Bocalt says:

    My what an interesting build, I keep wondering what your score will be, the 101 score on Dalong left me doubtful about the kit.

  4. Kolinsky says:

    That was a very interesting and complex build! The head alone is wow! Do you like the cockatoo head now? Haha

    Cant wait for the rest of the reviews! Great job as always man…

  5. ClayCannonII says:

    It’s sooooo busy

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