Gaijin Gunpla

Dinner finished I went back to the AGE-FX and continued where I left off having completed the torso.


In my opinion, almost HG kits coming out these days are pretty much the same design just with different armor. Bandai has got this HG thing down to a science. They produce one runner of poly-caps which they use for every HG I’ve seen in the last while. As an example, look at this leg design.

Just throw on AGE-FX’s unique armor.

Now with hip joint and knee armor.

The lower leg frame and armor are quite cool. You can see the unique shape of the white armor parts.

Then the large blue armor part fits right onto the back of the leg.

The skirt comes with some pretty big, for an HG anyway, armor pieces.

The front skirt ball joints fit into the center armor part, then are secured in place by a very small blue piece.

This blue piece is quite small and I wonder if it will be strong enough to hold the front skirt together.

Side skirts.

Now the bottom half is done.

Time to move onto the weapons and wrap this thing up.

The rifle itself isn’t too large and feature this little gimmick, or joint at least, that allows the sides of he rifle to expand outward.

Then some rather large parts are added.

These make this HG rifle huge!

Now for the fun stuff; clear green plastic!

x 4

x 8!

They go onto the included stand.

It’s worth noting here that the clear ring piece is quite loose connected to the base and can topple over if you don’t have it pushed in quite securely.

Into little hollows along the ring slide the small clear parts.

Let’s just put this guy here…

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  1. Tony says:

    This is why I love my HGs… If you’ve got a free day, you can build one, and if you want to do some more stuff to it, it’s generally a cheap kit so you don’t feel like a fool if you mess something up. Just built (well, mostly built….) the HG (Fighting Action!) Wing Zero Custom – same kit line as the Deathscythe Hell Custom I submitted. Like you said, the builds are pretty much identical, but that’s ok with me – that means I just get better and better at making the kits look, well, better and better. PS – Paint time for Wing Zero 🙂

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