Gaijin Gunpla

No WIP would be complete without the weapons and a work-in-progress for the MG Aegis would definitely be lacking if I didn’t show the MA (mobile armor) form, so I’ll do both here in this post.

[Apologies for the delay. I originally thought I lost the images for the weapons but found them later on.]

That cool looking rifle assembles very easily. The main piece for the rifle basically is the entire rifle and only a small part for the other side is needed to sandwich in the moving handle.

There is one small clear part involved in the assembly, but I left it out as I don’t want to lose it.

Two smaller pieces go on the sides.

They actually slide forwards and backwards slightly but I don’t really see the purpose for them doing so.

The rifle was very simple (yet looks awesome) and the shield is even simpler (and also looks awesome).

Only one small part is needed to allow the shield to attach to the Aegis.

And now for that transformation thing that some people may have heard about.

You up for this, big guy? Once we start there’s no turning back, you do realize that?

MA Form transition commence!
(going from memory!)

1) Slide the fin on the head forward.

2) Tilt fin backwards and fold in V fin.

3) Raise up that large tail.

4) Tilt back the rear portion of the torso.

5) Tuck head in.

6) Open up pieces on bottom of torso.

7) Rotate them backwards.

8) Rotate the legs 90 degrees to the outside.

9) Pull the arms downwards so they elongate.

(I took them off the suit to do this as it was easier.)

10) Tilt the arm attachments down so the blade is down.

11) Raise the arms up so they fit inside the shoulder.

(now you’ve got this strange looking thing.)

12) Unclasp the locks on the back of the legs.

13) Pull the heel down.

13a) take blurry photograph.

14) Tilt feet down.

Now I’ve got this even stranger looking thing.

15) Bring down arms while raising legs.

16) Rotate them 90 degrees.

17) Pull down movable skirt armor.

18) Bend arms and legs at hip/shoulder joints to get all appendages pointing in the same direction.

19) Rotate each limb slightly (45 degrees?) so inside of joint faces center.

20) Place rifle and shield on MA form.


20) Place rifle on shield then shield on MA form.


You can also open up the appendages to give it the Face Hugger type of appearance.

That is one crazy Gundam.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Face hug anyone?

  2. Ryan says:

    The transformation is very very similar on the 1/100 HG Aegis, i found it a chore to position the arms of the mobile armor from. They tended to fall out of position too. The only major difference I see in the Mg is that the shield and rifle join on one side. It was one at either side on the HG

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