Gaijin Gunpla

So yesterday Girls’ Generation released their newest single, Flower Power, and upon first listen/viewing I’m not sure what to think. The song is much different than previous singles and features obvious vocal manipulation and seems to be a mishmash of Japanese, Korean, and English words so that it seems they did this as a bit of joke. These days, if you watch what’s popular in Japanese music, many bands (manufactured bands) have tendencies to sing in Japanese with English words or phrases thrown in at the end of the lyric, and most often the English has nothing to do with what they were singing in Japanese about. Girls’ Generation has done this before but in this new single it’s quite prevalent so perhaps it’s a little dig of sorts.

When it comes to the videos I think the girls look good (that goes without saying) but I can’t tell because the outfits and set don’t make it easy for the viewer to distinguish what’s going on. Against the black backdrop the girls are wearing black outfits, and against the bluish-white backdrop the girls are wearing, as you can see, bluish white outfits meaning it looks washed out.

All that said, I’ve still watched it at least a dozen times so far.

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  1. AL says:

    I agree this is one of those songs that follows that exact formula. And I think the choreography of their recent songs are getting too complicated that is it starting get messy. But at least the girls are still amazingly sharp. Can’t wait for the live performance because that’s where the girl really shine.

    btw, who made Sunny put on that wig?

  2. Tony says:

    Okay, I caught butterfly and spider and a bunch of words between them I didn’t understand… what?

  3. NoobSauce says:

    First it was Hyoyeon. Now i think Sunny did something that made their stylist mad again. :/ I mean purple!? Seriously?

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