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I had a long weekend and it was a lot of fun. On Thursday I went to the Gunpla Expo and on Saturday I went out with Zhi (Kansai Inochi) and ASM. And Sunday I bought a car. What an eventful few days. Now that I’m back to work it’s not so great. Well, Thursday I was away from work to attend the expo, and that’s the day the RG Zeta arrived. Friday was a public holiday which just so happened to be Black Friday in America so upon my return to work monday I was (and still am) crushed by work. I’d like to write a post about all I saw at the expo but I know I won’t have time and if I wait until I do have the time it just pushes back all the other Gunpla content I’ve got coming (I’ve finished the RG Zeta). So this post just becomes a photo dump. Photos of awesome stuff, though!

Gunpla World Cup Entries

MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka!

Love it!!!!!

I also really like this picture Zhi took!

And a double fin funnel set that will be bandai online shop exclusive.

Mystery gundam

This was made by the lead singer/guitarist for the J-metal band Maximum the Hormone. (love this band!)

And from Sekai no Owari…

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

These SKE48 members…

designed these…

I’m impressed.

Gundam AGE

Zeta Test Plus A1 scheme?

oh ya!

Oh oh ya!

Next RG is Destiny.

Possible RG we will see in the future.

I really would like to see the Gouf. When you think about it, it’s not too much of a change from the Zaku II so Bandai already has a lot of the design figured out.


Ooh baby!

Gundam UC

Jesta looks good.

Another ReZEL?

The big surprise for me at the show; the MG Sinanju Stein.

I will build this kit!

And last but not least a couple pics of the kit you will be seeing a lot more of soon on Gaijin-Gunpla.

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  1. Tony says:

    “And Sunday I bought a car”

    Best part of the whole thing lol. For the record, I’m imagining that you drive something crazy and Gunpla-y… then again, if I remember right from my visit to Okinawa a few years back, there’s a car in Japan called the Naked, so I guess a lot of their vehicles are crazy. Can’t wait for that Tallgeese, and although I’ve never seen AGE, I can’t help but be intrigued by those suits. Thanks to you and Ryan for keeping us up to speed throughout the show!

  2. Jeff says:

    I went to the show also and it was awesome as you can all see from these pics. Some of those Gunpla World Cup entries were even more amazing up close. Astray Bushido and Big-O were definately my favorites. Sea-Devil Sinaju was a close third. Overall it was very inspiring for my own projects. I’m trying out and practicing some new stuff on a LBX model (about 750 yen so if I screw up no loss :P) in prep for my future MG Buster Build.

    • Tony says:

      Dunno what exactly LBX(‘s?) is (are?), but older HG’s are great test mules for practicing new techniques – cheap, and, well, Gundam shaped (again, not sure what these LBX things are…). That’s more or less what I did on the Deathscythe I sent in for the Reader Subs on here – its not super pretty, but it gave me some great practice and it’s a cheap kit nowadays.

      • LBX are those danball things, i think they are from that anime where the kids have cardboard robots. its bandai’s other line of cash milking plamo XD

        tbh those look pretty good =)

  3. Dan says:

    I would also love to see a RG Gouf Syd! I think Goufs are awesome! Also looking forward to RG Destiny, the Stein, and the new Strike. I even like the MG Gundam FX even though I never seen or have been interested in gundam Age.

  4. ClayCannonII says:

    In order I wanna see a RG Gouf, RG GM, and RG Ground Gundam.

  5. NoobSauce says:

    If they are gonna do RG Gouf, I can hope RG Gouf Custom won’t be far behind. Gattling shields FTW. RG Strike Rouge IWSP woul be ou soon too so more gattling shield fun for me. 😀

  6. Bocalt says:

    Nice upcoming stuff, wonder if MG Age FX will really be able to hold that big gun for poses -_- Its nice to see the Age kits so well represented and they do hold their own in the end in terms of looks and design.

    The kits that interest me the most are of the RG line in which I think i’ll invest most of my upcoming money for the upcoming years.

    I was hoping for a cheaper MG strike gundam that would be compatible with the old packs, now we have to buy a completely new MG Aile strike… will still buy it though as i never bought the original Mg Strike (got strike rouge and Freedom instead)

    The mystery kits are really a bother to guess… any guesses or clues anyone?

  7. Sunny says:

    rg gouf or ground type both are fine with me, for a future rg maybe a AleX with the armor and the kampfer

  8. GunplaFan says:

    I think the MG Nu looks amazing. Don’t know if I’ll have enough cash to pick up the second set of fin funnels, though.

    • Reehdus says:

      Guess what? I saw on GG that the new MG Nu has a full-body psyco frame like the Unicorn. Not everyone is gonna like the redesign

  9. Nacho-wan says:

    So what was the big secret regarding the Nu Gundam? Did Bandai spill the beans or we have to wait for another trade show, and how many of them are?!

  10. syd says:

    glow-under-blacklight psycho frame.

  11. Lec Viloria says:

    Can’t wait for the arrival of Mg Age FX and Mg Age – 3 Normal!!

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