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The RG Zeta arrives this week and when it does I’m (hopefully) going to be all over it. So that means I should clear up some other projects and make space on my work table. I’m looking at you Dark Hound.

So the first step is to assembly the pilot in his seat.

I can’t imagine that being strapped into a gundam while wearing an overcoat would be comfortable.

This is kinda cool.

The seat slides!

I haven’t built the AGE-2 Normal Master Grade kit so I don’t really know what to expect with the Dark Hound, although I do know it is able to transform so I can expect some interesting frame engineering.

These parts are assembled and then the pilot seat joins them.

The collar.

Then the largest of the frame parts are used.

Now for a couple pieces for the front.

Notice the lower front part?

It moves.

Now for some very small parts that have to interlock.

An alien face? A creepy voodoo mask?

Quite the large armor part goes on the front.

Then the first of a few side pieces.

These parts are for the lower part of the torso.

Like the AGE-1 Normal the AGE-2 Dark Hound uses these polycaps for the shoulder joints.

First you have to place the circular part over the ball joint on the frame.

Then you have to swing it into place but it doesn’t go in level but instead you have to insert he little plastic tab into a small hollow at just the correct angle.

And now for the rest of the side armor parts.

For some reason, there is a gap where the armor parts connect and I can’t determine if it is supposed to be this way. Will have to look into this.

And finally the funky fin.

Now for the very unique Dark Hound head.

Here is the piece for the eyes. It’s green!

Look two sticker sheets! Why two?

Here is the part of the manual explaining what to do with the stickers sets.

It appears the two silver stickers go on the back of the green transparent piece and the eye stickers go on the front.



And the large frame part around which you build the head.

Quite the interesting armor shapes.

For some reason they remind me of Cleopatra (and Egyptian stuff).

A very small clear piece is sandwiched between the side armor parts.

With a very small foil sticker being placed on it.

This clear green piece is the pirate’s eye patch.

It attaches at the forehead and can sway in either direction depending on which eye, if any, you want covered.

That then is held in place by the V fin.

The skull piece is silver instead of white. Bandai gives you small dark pieces to use for the skull’s eyes.

But Bandai do not provide any stickers for the skull’s mouth. In order to get the same look as they see in the manual the builder would have to paint or use a marker of some sort. Or, if you’re crazy like me…

…you’ll try using the leftover black areas from the foil sticker sheet.

Gotta do some trimming.

Finally I got a shape I liked that was the right size.

After carefully positioning them I cut off the extra that stuck out past the edge of the skull piece.

That actually worked out quite well.

In order to be sure these stickers stay in place I will top coat this piece. At that moment however I was ready to start on the arms, however, there was a knock on my door. It was a delivery man. Something address to me had just been delivered.

My plans suddenly changed.

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Looking good (the Dark Hound and Black Ops 2)

  2. jamz says:

    dude, make a black ops darkhound >:3

  3. Dan says:

    I second the Black ops Darkhound. Would be awesome! And what made you decide on the Hardened edition?

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