Gaijin Gunpla

My next session involves building the lower portion of the kit though, in many ways, it sure felt like I was repeating the process of building the top half.

Hip joints.

Starting with the feet we first build this section which turns out to be the heel.

Then those spiky-things which look oh-so-familiar.

And just like that a completed foot.

For the leg the thigh is assembled first using a poly-cap that slides into to the frame from the side.

Then the knee frame parts are added.

And then the lower leg frame.

Before closing up the frame you first have to insert a small armor part.

You can see that it is actually a locking mechanism of sorts.

Before applying the armor to the leg you first have to construct the ankle joint.

Then a couple of these.

And you’ve got yourself a leg.

But wait! There’s more!

Then knee armor parts.

For the top of the knee the construction is similar to that of the small assembly found on the top of the shoulder.

And, like the arm, a final armor part is put on to complete it.

A fair amount of articulation in the knee.

Now for the skirt and it is, as you can imagine, quite interesting.

This step is pretty standard.

But this isn’t!

Behold the frame elephant.

Onto the end of the ‘trunk’ of our frame elephant we start placing armor.

The first front skirt frame and armor parts sandwich onto the peg you see in the picture.

From there I had to locate part 23 and 24 on the frame runner, but at first glance I couldn’t find them.

When I first looked over the runners I thought these were just one piece and they certainly look similar to frame parts found on other kits, because they are on the runner sideways instead of flat. They go inside a frame part and then attach onto the skirt.

You can see the peg fits into the hole there. (Birds and bees lessons from Gaijin Gunpla!)

So here’s the front part of the skirt done.

Notice how the elephant trunk is tucked in now.

The back of the skirt frame is one large part covering the whole backside onto which fasten two smaller parts.

Then a little armor part is added.

It seems pretty barren back there.

Bottom half complete!

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  1. ClayCannonII says:

    Sexy legs

  2. Mick says:

    The engineering in those is strong.. I just don’t like the aegis design tho :/ Else I’d love to have it

  3. Alex says:

    But wait! There’s more! <– Why am i reading this in Billy Mays' voice? XD

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